The number of devices that we use every day is constantly increasing. Practically every one of us has a phone (often more than one), a laptop, a smartphone, a portable console or an e-book reader and each of these devices needs charging. Of course, using a separate charger for each of the devices is inconvenient – after all, we do not have access to a large number of contacts everywhere. With this in mind, the Green Cell GC Power Source was created – a charger to power your laptop and up to 3 other devices at once.

What is Power Source?

Power Source is another fully original Green Cell product. After the premiere of Green Cell GC PRIME power bank, the R&D team focused on creating a charger tailored to the requirements of a modern user. The results of this work is a real charging center. We get to use as many as four charging ports with a total power of 75W!

One USB-C port allows charging in Power Delivery standard up to 60W. You can charge both modern smartphones – iPhone and Ultrabooks like Macbook Pro 13 and Dell XPS 13 – right underneath the USB-C port, you’ll find a green USB-A port that supports Ultra Charge fast. This format is fully compatible with Quick Charge, Samsung AFC, Pump Express and many others. Underneath, you’ll find two additional USB-A ports with Smart Charge that charge at a maximum of 2.4A. The charger’s operating status is confirmed by a green LED visible in all conditions – interestingly, it adjusts its brightness according to the light intensity. You can read more about quick charging standards in the article Quick Charging – a technology guide.

Small dimensions, huge possibilities

Seeing all these functions, you can wonder what size you need to fit so many possibilities in one charger. It turns out that Power Source also performs very well in this field. The dimensions 103 x 72 x 28mm and the weight of 219g speak for themselves – such a charger can be easily stored in a bag. Add to that the high quality of workmanship and elegant design and you get a complete product, which not only fulfills its function, but also looks great on your desk.

Small big charger

Power Source in every way deserves its name – it is a real power source. It will save you time and space – values that cannot be valued these days. Four ports that will charge your laptop, phone and other everyday devices. All in a small, lightweight and elegant charger. Green Cell Power Source is now available for sale on our website!

Author: Michał Bródka