Going on holiday in an RV can be a wonderful and exciting adventure. Travelling through the wilderness and wilderness, sleeping in the open air, stopping off in places few people go. If it’s your first such trip, you’re probably asking yourself a lot of questions about how to organise it. For example, where to get electricity in the camper to brew your morning coffee.

How to make electricity in a camper van

This is a question everyone who is just starting out caravanning asks themselves. Whether you hire a caravan or invest in your own, you will need extra power. So if you really want to feel like you’re at home on wheels when you’re on the road – cooking, heating water for tea, drinking coffee from the coffee machine, watching TV, listening to the radio or using the lights – you’ll need to make sure you have somewhere to get electricity from. There are several ways to do this, and one of them is to get an AGM battery.

Electricity in an RV from an AGM battery

Every driver and car owner knows that the battery is a component of the vehicle. However, motorhomes need more than just the one in the engine compartment. The battery in the engine compartment is responsible for starting the vehicle and supplying power to all the electrical devices in the vehicle, but it is not enough for an RV. The starter battery has too limited capacity and a limited life (usually less than 100 cycles). Therefore, it is essential to obtain a set of batteries. It is worth bearing in mind that additional batteries will no longer be hidden under the engine hatch, so it should be safe to use. Like AGM VRLA.

Electricity in a camper

Advantages of AGMs over other batteries

AGMs have many features that make them a very attractive choice for the caravan user. They are more durable and safer. They are made with VRLA technology, so there are no worries about electrolyte spillage and they require no maintenance. They do not emit harmful or flammable gases that could cause an explosion. This is all due to their sealed and durable housing. They can be used in enclosed spaces where people and animals are present, such as in a caravan. Another feature of AGMs that is beneficial to the campervan user is their shock resistance. And this is extremely important when driving on bumpy roads and serpentines. AGMs can operate in any position, so they can be adapted to work in any space.

How much power an AGM will last in a camper van 

When choosing a battery for your campervan, it is worth considering not only its performance, but also its efficiency. AGMs from Green Cell are well worth considering here. They come in capacities from 1.2 Ah all the way up to 200 Ah, thus giving you the possibility of powering the equipment in your campervan for many years without the need for maintenance or topping up the electrolyte. GreenCell AGMs are designed for up to 500 charging cycles (depending on use and ambient temperature). In addition, they also feature a low self-discharge rate when idle.

What battery for your camper

When thinking about choosing the right AGM battery for your campervan, you need to count how much energy your appliances use, determine the total power of those that will be running at the same time, and then consider how long you will be using them. On the basis of this information, a suitable battery should be chosen. This will make campervan travel exciting, enjoyable and full of fresh energy.