AGM batteries are more and more often used for powering office and home devices. What is the thing that distinguishes this technology, and with which types of equipment can it turn out to be a bull’s eye? Get to know the secret of AGMs and check out what they can prove useful for! 

In this article you will find out:

  • what an AGM battery is and how it works,
  • which devices work with its assistance,
  • how to charge an AGM battery correctly.

What’s an AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery, and how does it work?

VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead) is a group of batteries including gel batteries, as well as ones equipped with the AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology. These two solutions are often applied in a single product – such as in the case of the Green Cell batteries.

The well-thought-out design of the AGM batteries prevents air and pollution from getting inside of the battery. The valves open when there’s high pressure inside of the battery, owing to which the risk of the battery getting bulged and bursting – and thus getting permanently damaged – disappears.

Glass fiber has been used in AGMs, owing to which the electrolyte is tightly sealed and secured. Due to this type of filling the interelectrode space, we don’t have to worry about the electrolyte leaking from a mechanically damaged battery. Owing to such a solution, AGM can safely operate in any position, this including a horizontal one. Glass fiber also has influence on a significant increase in the number of cycles (even up to a four-time longer life in comparison with traditional batteries). Multiple charging and discharging of your battery are possible without influencing its performance parameters. 

And thus, the AGM batteries are maintenance-free, fully sealed, resistant to shock and impact, which is what also makes them do well when working in difficult conditions. Let’s find out which devices will find them useful!  

The 10 applications of the AGM battery divided into buffer and cyclic operation

Buffer operation

We can distinguish two operating modes of the AGMs, which will find their application in the case of other types of devices. In buffer operation, these batteries are used as a specific kind of protection charged with a small current. They’re an emergency power supply – the battery’s installed inside the device and connected to a power supply.

Here are the applications of an AGM battery in buffer operation:

  • alarm systems,
  • UPS power supplies,
  • cash registers,
  • emergency lighting.

Cyclic operation

In cyclic operation, AGM are used as a main energy source. This is the mode in which the batteries are discharged and recharged when necessary. 

AGMS work in a cyclic fashion in the following cases:

  • cash registers,
  • wheelchairs and golf carts,
  • mowers,
  • toys,
  • cleaning machines.

In the offer of Battery Empire, you’ll find a wide selection of AGM batteries which can be used both for buffer, and cyclic operation. They ensure safe usage, and owing to the self-regulation function – they can give you even up to 5 years of maintenance-free operation!

AGM batteries – how do you charge them?

Gel and AGM batteries need to be charged with a constant voltage method. The charging should proceed in two phases – first, direct current charging, and then, charging with maintaining constant voltage. 

For this specific task, it’s worth to choose a charger which automatically recognizes the cell type. Owing to this, you will avoid the risk of your battery getting destroyed by inappropriate charging. This is why the Green Cell charger is selected so often – it’s a universal charger for AGM batteries, as well as for lead-acid batteries. Its wide compatibility makes the device perfect for charging batteries, e.g. UPS power supplies, alarm systems, and quads with various voltage (2V/6V/12V). Moreover, this equipment guarantees efficiently charging batteries up to 20Ah with a full protection package: against short circuit, and against getting overcharged. This product also detects when the clamps are connected incorrectly, owing to which you can react quickly and properly re-connect them. 

The summary

Before you buy a new AGM, make sure to check the parameters of the battery you’ve been using previously – you’ll find those on the nameplate on the side of the casing. Once you get familiar with them, you can find a matching AGM on their basis by using our search engine. 

You don’t know which battery you should choose? You can always use the calculator available at the webpage of any AGM available at Battery Empire. All you need to do is enter the details of your device to find out which product you need to power your equipment. However, if you still have any doubts, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service Office. Out specialists will be happy to help you match the appropriate model from our offer to your needs!