You’re going on a business trip, or on a holiday trip to the other end of Poland. The road’s long, so during your trip, you may need to use a power plug. You didn’t take your power bank and you don’t want to waste time to stop, you really need to charge your phone or laptop. In such a case, a car inverter will come in handy. We invite you to get familiar with a guide, in which we describe this inconspicuous, but also sometimes very necessary, device, and we advise which one you should choose.

In this article you will find out:

  • what a car inverter is,
  • what types of inverters there are,
  • in which situations an inverter might come in handy.

What’s a car inverter?

An inverter (also known as a converter) is a device which has the task of changing the DC voltage from a car battery or a cigarette lighter socket (12 V) into alternating current (230 V). This is the voltage you’ll find in all home sockets in Europe. An inverter can be connected with the assistance of the appropriate cables to the cigarette lighter, or directly to the battery

An inverter might come in handy to all of you who are going for a long journey by car, RV, or by truck. It can also be used by those who are travelling by water, e.g. in a rented sailboat. Owing to the inverter, the task of which is changing the voltage, you’ll be able to freely use any device that needs to get plugged in.

Types of inverters

We can distinguish two main types of car inverters. The first of them is an inverter with a modified sine wave. It’s used for the less demanding devices. Among these, we can distinguish the following:

  • laptops,
  • TV sets,
  • LED lamps.

And on the other hand, the second type, meaning a voltage converter with a pure sine wave, is used for the more demanding and sensitive devices, which require constant power supply, and which have an engine. These are for example:

  • household appliances,
  • pumps,
  • air conditioners.

Among the inverters available on the market, we can also distinguish those where the input voltage is 12V or 24V. In the case of passenger cars, you need to choose the first option, due to the parameters of the cigarette lighter (12 v). On the other hand, 24 V voltage can be found in trucks, as well as in some RVs.

So, when will a voltage inverter come in handy?

Hmm, how about leaving it all behind and going to a mountains? The desire of running away towards nature and being alone haunts many of us from time to time. But that’s not surprising. Living without all the worries of everyday life is very, very tempting. However, remember that even when you’re cut off from the world, you may need access to electrical wiring. 

If you get lost in the wilderness, and your laptop and phone are flat, it’ll be the car inverter plugged into the cigarette lighter socket which may turn out to be your salvation. Changing direct current into alternating voltage (from 12v -> 230v) will let you recharge your electrical devices. You’ll surely feel more confident if you can find your way back to civilization with the assistance of your GPS, or by calling for help. This is why inverters should be the standard equipment of everyone who’s planning a trip to any unknown territories.

A car inverter – which one should you choose? 

Green Cell 12V to 230 V 500W/1000W inverter

Which inverter  should you choose? A voltage inverter from 12V to 230V 500W/1000W is a very handy device with a well-thought-out design. In the front, we’ll find a network socket and a USB port, which makes it possible to charge also the smaller types of equipment, such as e.g. a tablet or a smartphone. A fan placed on the back prevents the converter from heating, and its temperature remains an optimal one. Made of aluminum, the casing’s both light, and incredibly durable. Owing to this, it’s easy to take the device along with you for the trip, without any fear of mechanical damage. 

The device is completely safe – it protects you against overvoltage, and it also has a number of certified protections so that it can operate smoothly. What’s more, a simpler design of the inverter guarantees a lower failure rate. 

Owing to the modified sine wave, the inverter ensures the stable operation of devices such as power supplies, computers, and even LED lamps. This is a perfect solution for those of you who don’t want to invest in the more expensive inverters with a pure sine wave (which allow you to plug in any type of device), and for those who want to start their adventure with inverters from something basic.

If you’d prefer an inverter with different parameters, make sure to check out the other models which are available in our offer.

The summary

An inverter which is taken on every trip is still not the common standard. Even despite this, it’s worth to pay attention to all of the benefits resulting from having a car inverter.  Trouble-free and immediate access to electricity, the ability of charging electrical devices, and running them in any conditions are the most important advantages of getting yourself an inverter. If you want to have an additional source of energy when you’re on the road, you can find the right product in our store!