Cordless and robot vacuum cleaners have become increasingly popular over the past few years. And no wonder! We like to choose devices that make our lives easier and help us with everyday chores. An important element of cordless household devices is the battery. A high-quality battery means the equipment will be able to run for a long time without having to be recharged or plugged to the mains. Unfortunately, regular and intense use means the battery will become depleted with time. If your vacuum cleaner runs shorter on a single charging, you will have to consider buying a new battery for it. Check out the important elements you should bear in mind while choosing a replacement battery!

In this article you will find out:

  • when to replace the battery in your cordless vacuum cleaner,
  • what should you look out for when choosing a new battery,
  • what the most important battery parameters are.

Battery – the heart of a cordless vacuum cleaner

A high-capacity, well-performing battery is the key to proper functioning of your cordless vacuum cleaner. A good battery will surprise you with outstanding performance and long life – forget about necessary pauses to recharge your device!

If your cordless equipment switches off without an apparent reason or the battery runs low after a short time, the vacuum cleaner ceases to be functional. The only way to restore the mobility and the related convenience is to replace the battery. A new, high-performance battery will give a second life to your cordless vacuum cleaner and help you keep your house in perfect order. But how do you find a suitable battery that will guarantee proper operation and maximum convenience? 

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Look out for battery voltage

When choosing a new battery for your cordless device, you need to match the voltage of the original battery. Remember, it must always be the same. Properly matched voltage will guarantee safe use and proper operation of your vacuum cleaner. 

Go for high capacity

Another feature that impacts the convenience and performance is the battery capacity expressed in ampere-hours (Ah). Batteries designed for a specific device model can come in a number of various capacity options. The higher the number of ampere-hours, the longer the device will run on a single charging. It’s actually up to you which variant you choose. If you want to clean the whole house on a single charging, go for a high-capacity battery. Or maybe it doesn’t matter how long the device will run? Then you can safely pick a lower-capacity component.


Compatibility comes first!

A new battery must match the device as far as parameters are concerned, but also as regards shape and size. Another thing that matters is the cell type – they must be exactly the same as the ones in the original battery, e.g. Ni-MH or Li-Ion.. A compatible battery will ensure safe and reliable functioning. 

In Battery Empire you will find compatible Green Cell batteries, dedicated for specific models of vacuum cleaners. Modern electronic controls in Green Cell batteries mean the battery will fit into the device just like the original component. High-performance cells and precise finish will guarantee maximum efficiency, reliability and long life. 

Check out our product portfolio and pick a high-capacity battery that will match the requirements of your cordless vacuum cleaner. Make sure you pick the right product – use the intuitive search engine on our website. Simply choose the device type, make and model, and special filters will pick a number of compatible batteries for you. It’s the easiest and sure-fire way of finding a dedicated battery.

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A high-performance battery is necessary to ensure proper functioning of your cordless vacuum cleaner. With a proper battery you will be happy with using the device. However, it’s now always easy to pick a new battery on your own. You need to remember to look for matching parameters, check out the size and shape of the new battery and see whether it has the right anchor points. Fortunately, you can rely on the helpful tool available on our website – the search engine will guide you to find a proper model to go with your device. Check out the intuitive Battery Empire search engine, find a dedicated battery and enjoy a spotless house once again 😉