From 1 April 2023, Greek residents who invest in photovoltaic installations on their households and farms can expect substantial coverage of the cost of such an investment.

The Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy has launched a subsidy program for photovoltaic installations with energy storage. It provides subsidies of up to 75 percent for mirrors or up to 100 percent for batteries, used in domestic and farm installations. Taking into account the costs of purchasing and installing PV, the amount of subsidy for a single household can be as high as €18,000, with the final subsidy amount depending on the applicant’s income criteria and annual energy consumption.

EUR 200 million for electricity 

Greece has earmarked a total of €200 million for the program. However, this does not mean that the funds will be spent without restrictions. In order to apply for funding, the owner of a house or farm must meet at least the basic requirements: the installation to be installed must have Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) for storing energy and for later use at the user’s convenience (this requirement does not, however, apply to farmers). However, the capacity limit of the BESS cannot be more than the PV capacity (i.e. a maximum of 10.8 kWh). The funding scheme itself is divided into several categories, depending on the income criteria of the applicants. The subsidy rates also vary, with different rates for panels and different (higher) rates for batteries. Ultimately, however, the share of subsidy costs was designed so that in the balance (PV+BESS) the energy storage receives 100 percent subsidy, with the full cost of the entire installation.

Greek subsidies, Polish installations

Government financial support for those who install photovoltaic panels is a milestone towards the use of RES and environmental protection. The advantage of such a solution is recognized in many European countries, including Poland, which in turn provides subsidies to partially cover the cost of purchasing a 2-10 kW photovoltaic micro-installation, installing heat pumps and solar collectors. At Green Cell, we have appreciated the possibilities of photovoltaics for a long time, which is why the production of equipment for its installation has been one of the key branches of our product range for years. Our product range includes solar inverters, panels, or AGM and LiFePO4 batteries. Together with the GC PowerNest, these devices make it possible to create an energy storage system precisely tailored to the requirements of the individual user. In addition, the GC PowerNest can be used as a single energy storage unit or combined in a series of up to 8 units, which is a great advantage for more demanding installations.

If you are planning to purchase a photovoltaic installation, we will be happy to help you choose the right components and accessories required for its installation.