A couple of bumps, wheels in motion, a locomotive rushing, but you’re somehow lacking in energy. Check out our suggestions on how to always keep 100% of the battery, regardless of whether you’re riding the Japanese wonder of technology on magnetic cushions or our beloved TLK composition. Get going!

3xUSB Green Cell charger

The ideal railway scenario is that there is one working socket per seat. However, reality brutally verifies such ideals. Sockets often don’t have or don’t work, and as a result, in the range of 3 people need to recharge their phone, and the only working contact is next to you.

You are faced with a difficult choice – to focus on yourself hate the whole compartment selfishly charging your phone or let go of the socket for someone and stay with your phone unloaded.

But there’s gateway 3, which allows you to become a hero in your compartment – the 3xUSB charger, thanks to which both you and your fellow passengers will quickly charge their devices. I hope only everyone has their own cable 😉.

USB-C Power Delivery+USB chargers

Another proposition is for all those who always travel with a laptop and want to make the most of their time. Unfortunately, this option is only for new MacBooks and other laptops that charge via USB-C with Power Delivery technology.

It’s especially useful for the working traveler, as we use the laptop to power it while also charging the phone without taking up a second socket for other passengers. Depending on the requirements of the notebook, Green Cell offers 30W and 45W options.

Powerbank as an inseparable companion

Power bank is a great gadget that every person who goes on a journey should have. In our offer we recommend PowerPlay10 – a product of Green Cell brand is a much improved version of GC Prime. The best features of the device have been preserved – the highest quality of workmanship, elegant design, low weight and dimensions. Additionally, we received two new ports. One is a fast charging Ultra Charge USB-A, while the other is USB-C with Power Delivery charging up to 18W. This allows us to charge up to 3 devices simultaneously! Thanks to the Pass-Through function, PowerPlay10 becomes a real charging station, which we highly recommend to each of you.

Get on the train!

The equipment we have described here should guarantee a fully comfortable journey on almost every train. Of course there are some exceptions, such as a train full of enthusiastic fans or overcrowded woodstock transport. However, we can be sure that during any trip we won’t run out of energy in our favourite devices so that we can immerse ourselves in our favourite music, films and series.

Author: Krzysztof Wołongiewicz