Most of us have already seen special boxes for battery recycling. They are often placed near cash desks and we usually fail to notice them while we’re shopping. Some of you may think it’s inconvenient to recycle batteries, while others simply forget about it altogether. As a result, batteries are often binned together with other waste. However, these days we have the option to recycle batteries or dispose of them so that they don’t pose any harm to the environment. 

In this article you will find out:

  • about the opportunities on the contemporary battery market,
  • why it’s good to choose reusable AAA batteries,
  • how to recycle batteries,
  • how improper battery recycling affects the environment.

Why do we need batteries?

Whether we reach for a TV remote, pick up the phone or grab a remote-controller toy car tossed on the floor by the kids, we’re always surrounded by batteries – they can be disposable (alkaline) batteries or  rechargeable ones. The choice is rather easy – they come in two types: AA and  AAA. You will notice the difference at first glance: they are of different sizes. Users often pick rechargeable batteries, because they are reusable – with a proper charger, these batteries can be replenished many times.

If you opt for alkaline batteries, you have to remember they must be recycled. That’s one reason why you may want to go for rechargeable batteries. It’s convenient – if you have a computer mouse that runs on two batteries, all you need is a set of four in order to avoid a nasty surprise. Ni-MH batteries by Green Cell will be a good choice for most household equipment – you will find them on our website.


What are my batteries made of?

We mentioned Ni-MH batteries, but that’s not the only type you can buy. There are also Li-Ion ones. Without dwelling on the details of their structure and functioning, the basic difference is voltage: various batteries are dedicated for different types of equipment. Another difference is the fact that Li-Ion batteries are less stable – they have a greater tendency to ignite than Ni-MH batteries, but both kinds are just as good for everyday use.

AAA/AA rechargeable batteries

It’s impossible to give up on batteries altogether. Too many devices need a portable source of power – that’s why it’s good to go for environment-friendly solutions.

Since batteries are made of materials that require a specific recycling process, it’s a good idea to make sure you dispose of them only when absolutely necessary. By choosing rechargeable batteries you make sure you will be reusing them a dozen times or so, which means you generate less electric waste and cause less harm to the natural environment.

If you opt for such batteries, it’s a good idea to choose a store that also offers compatible accessories – such as chargers. If you buy the charger and batteries from a reputable manufacturer, you can be sure they will serve you for a long time and stay in good shape.

aaa reachable batteries

A few words about battery recycling

Although batteries are necessary and convenient, just like many other popular devices and substances, they may also pose a threat to people and the environment. In the past batteries were made with such elements as lead and cadmium. At the moment, less toxic materials are used in the production process, but batteries still need to be properly recycled.

It turns out that a single watch battery may contaminate 1m3 of soil or a few hundred litres of water! That’s why it’s important to use special, labelled boxes or designated recycling points to dispose of batteries.

The recycling process separates individual elements, which means some rare materials can be reused, while toxic waste is utilised without posing a threat to the environment. 

A few processes might be used during battery recycling:

  • smelting – individual elements melt in different temperatures
  • mechanical separation – the battery is physically “destroyed” and individual elements are separated 
  • chemical separation – means a chemical mixture can be converted into two or more separate compounds.

battery recykling

How to dispose of empty batteries?

Empty batteries should be placed in special containers. You will find them in most local shops. Don’t put empty batteries in a container designed for mixed municipal waste and never, ever use an illegal waste dump!

Good battery – pure environment

A good battery can be used for years. In Battery Empire you will find environment-friendly AA and AAA batteries with high capacity. Check out what’s in store and pick a set of batteries to suit your needs. And when you feel the batteries can no longer be used, recycle.