Compared to their standard lithium-ion cousins, lithium-polymer batteries are rare. They are slightly more expensive to make, but due to a number of advantages, they are widely used in premium products. Many manufacturers of high-end smartphones, laptops, power banks or cameras decide to use them.

Design of a lithium-polymer battery

In truth, a lithium-polymer battery is based on lithium-ion technology. The difference is that electrolyte is a solid in the former, and not a liquid. This makes it possible to manufacture these cells in almost any shape, even with a thickness of one millimetre. They are also characterised by slightly higher density, thanks to which they can achieve higher capacities with their size staying the same. Besides, most of specific features overlap with lithium-ion batteries.

batterie al litio polimero

How to use lithium-polymer batteries?

A lithium-polymer battery has to be equipped with an accurate control system as it is very sensitive to deep discharging and overcharging. It is extremely important because, in the case of too high voltage (overcharging), the battery could be damaged very easily or even explode. An electronic battery management system effectively prevents such situations by stopping charging at the right time, so this situation does not occur in normal conditions. However, total discharging may occur, which may lead to battery damage and a permanent decrease in its capacity as well. The maximum voltage achieved by a lithium-polymer battery is on the order of 4.2 V, whereas the minimum voltage 3 V – then the battery capacity may decrease for good.

Batterie per cellulari

Application of lithium-polymer batteries

It is thanks to nothing else but lithium-polymer batteries that manufacturers can design the thinnest types of laptops, power banks, smartphones and other devices where a large amount of power with as small a size as possible is important. Below are examples of applications of lithium-polymer cells:

Power banks

power banks

Laptop Batteries

Laptop Batteries

Of course, you will find those and other products employing lithium-polymer technology in our shop:

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