A mobile phone is one of those devices we keep using nearly all the time. And yet it’s quite fragile, like most electronic equipment. That’s why you need to be careful not to drop it, squeeze it or hit it against a hard surface.  But accidents will happen, as you know. Also to smartphones. How to prevent them? And what to do when the screen breaks? We will answer these questions below.

In this article you will find out:

  • how to check what is broken,
  • what to do when the screen cracks,
  • how to protect your phone from damage.

What is broken – a quick look

Cracked screen is one of the most frequent problems that may happen to phones. When you use the device nearly all day long, various things may happen. When you notice the characteristic “spiderweb” on the display screen, keep calm and see what exactly is broken. Here are a few possible scenarios:

  • If the screen responds to touch, you only need to replace the cracked glass or the cover plate on the screen. The method used in this case is screen separation: you use it when only the external layer of glass is broken.
  • If the screen does not respond to touch, the damage is more serious. This means you may have to replace the glass together with the digitizer (the electronic component sensitive to thumb touch – this is how you can control the device).
  • If the screen is blank, you need to have the whole module replaced at the shop. The module is made of the glass, digitizer and display.

how to fix broken phone screen

What to do if the screen cracks?

When you assess the damage, you have to take steps to be able to continue using the phone. You have a few alternatives, depending on the severity of the damage. A new phone is an extreme solution – it’s usually good to try repairing the old one first. You can either do it yourself or drop the phone off at the shop. Repairing the phone on your own is the cheapest but also the most risky solution. If you have no experience tampering with electronic devices, you can do more harm than good (e.g. if you use cheap, untested replacements or if your dexterity is inadequate). Still, if you want to go for this option, you will have to obtain the necessary components yourself. Displays for many models can be found on Battery Empire.

If the phone is new and still covered with a warranty, you are well advised to address an authorised service shop. You won’t have to worry about the cost. Plus, you can be sure that the qualified staff will repair the broken device using default spare parts. A cheaper option is to have the phone repaired at an unauthorised service shop, and on this occasion you will usually have a choice between original and replacement parts. 

hand and broken phone

How to protect your phone from damage?

Protective film

Using a protective film is the cheapest way to reduce the risk of damage to the screen. The film protects the glass from minor scratches and mechanical damage. It’s best to choose a better quality film, which is usually thicker and more durable. This gadget must be perfectly suited to the screen – otherwise it will look bad, but most importantly, it won’t protect the screen the way it should. But in the long run even the best protective film is no match for tempered glass.

Tempered glass

This is a more expensive but also more effective solution. Tempered glass is easily adjusted to the shape of your smartphone and will not limits the screen functions. The thicker and tougher the glass, the more expensive it will be – it all depends on how much you’re willing to spend on this protection. In the Mohs scale the hardness of tempered glass should be H8 or H9 (make sure you don’t overdo it – if you choose a glass that is too thick, using the touch screen won’t be convenient any more). When looking for tempered glass, check out the products available in our online store – choose the device brand, model and pick the best protection for your phone.

glass for phone


The last  way to avoid damage to your phone is to get a case for it. It won’t keep your device 100% accident-proof, but it is useful in case you drop your phone on the floor. While choosing a case, please note the material (thick silicone, polycarbonate and carbon fibre are some of the toughest) and pick one of the popular models:

  • wallet case (it flips open and protects all sides of your phone),
  • shell (protects the back and corners of your phone),
  • bumper (protects the edges).


Phone screen is prone to cracks – this is the most fragile part of the device. In order to avoid the need to repair it, make sure you have appropriate protection for your screen. Use tempered glass, protective film or a case to minimise the risk of damage. Check out the choice of tempered glass available in Battery Empire and pick a model to match your phone. Remember, prevention is better than cure! 😉