You love your electric car, but you don’t like waiting at the charging station. You dream of topping up your electric car’s battery at home or anywhere along the road. You wonder when the moment will come when this will be possible.

Haven’t you heard of the Green Cell Habu?

You think that the essential accessory for charging electrics at home is a wallbox and you can’t do without it. Meanwhile, charging an electric car at home without a wallbox is already possible. What’s more – you can charge your electric car anywhere you find access to a three-phase socket. All you need to do is carry Habu, the Green Cell electric car charger. The Habu is an 11W charger that successfully replaces a large, wall-mounted charger such as a wallbox. You can always carry it in your car. Habu requires no installation. You simply plug it in and charge. It is definitely the only charger you need and the only one you will want to use.

Fast charging of an electric car at home

The high power of the Habu charger means that it charges cars quickly. It is also very convenient. No accessories are needed, only access to electricity. The charger has been designed to make life as easy as possible for electric car users throughout Europe. The charger cable ends in a Type 2 plug, which fits most European electric vehicles and Plug-In Hybrids. The connector has a built-in LED (which you can use as a torch) and a button with which you can adjust the power, end the charging process and select any other function in the menu. The charging session is indicated by an easy-to-read LCD display. All the electronics are housed in plugs, so there is no awkward ‘brick’. The Habu also requires no installation. You simply plug in and charge.

Charging your electric car

Charging via the app

The only thing you can install to enjoy the Habu even more is a specially dedicated app for your phone that facilitates the charging process. With it, you adjust the power, complete the charging process and select every other function in the menu. You have access to usage statistics and control over costs wherever you are. You can check the charging power, the duration of the current session and the amount of energy topped up. The app also sends you information when the process is interrupted, for example in the event of a temporary power outage. This allows you to react in time and not be surprised by a discharged battery. Habu will not only detect abnormalities in the network, but – if this is the case – will also display instructions on how to proceed, tailored to the specific situation.

Whether you own an electric car or are just a user, get the Habu charger from Green Cell. It will make it not only possible, but easy, fast and fun to charge your electric car at home, at work and on the road.