This is an age-old question for many laptop users. The topic returns every time when one of our friends or we buy a new laptop. All batteries used in portable computers have one common enemy – the time. Batteries maximum capacity decreases over time. Unfortunately, it cannot be avoided but when you will read this text, you will be able to choose the charging mode wisely and avoid further problems.

Below you will find the advantages and disadvantages of 3 charging modes.

1. Working with connected battery and AC unplugged

In this configuration you should avoid discharging the battery to 0%. It is also worth charging the battery, which is already discharged to, for example, 60%. In order to prevent the battery from being discharged to 0% in the operating system settings, run the option responsible for hibernating or shutting down the computer when the battery charge status is less than 5-10%. Windows systems have it automatically set to 7%.

2. Working with a connected battery and AC plugged

In this mode, when the battery is fully charged, the computer switches to the mains supply. This solution has a negative effect on the battery life. It is worth noting that the optimal working environment for lithium-ion cells is in the range of 0 to 25 Celsius degrees. Higher temperature affects the decrease in battery capacity. For example, continuous operation at 60 Celsius degrees for 3 months may cause the battery capacity to drop by 40%. When deciding on this solution, you must disconnect the computer from the power supply and discharge the battery completely at least once a week.

3. Working with disconnected battery and AC plugged

This way of working is recommended in situations where you use the laptop only at the desk. Working with the connected power supply is also optimal when the laptop is used to play games. Recharge the battery to 50-60% and then remove it from the computer. You need to remember that the laptop battery works like an uninterruptible power supply. After disconnecting it, any loss of voltage in the network will cause the computer to shut down or reset.
We recommend mixing up the three modes presented and using them alternately.