Nowadays, it is very difficult to imagine a journey without electronic devices. When going abroad, we take with us a smartphone, laptop, camera and other devices that help us, or even make our trips possible. But to make our life so easy, we have to supply them with power. That is why we present you a travel list which will help you avoid the stress of discharged batteries and make your journey pleasant.

Electronic travel gadgets you must have

No matter where and for how long we travel, there are some useful at any time electronic gadgets. It is worth taking them with you to forget about any problems with discharged batteries.

Power bank

In our everyday life we use power banks very often. During our travels they are the main and irreplaceable source of energy. We can charge our phone in case of not having any socket around us.

Probably, nobody needs to be convinced that discharged battery in a phone is a very undesirable situation. The smartphone takes a role of our guide: we have applications like GPS, maps, or local guides. On the Internet we can always check the timetable for a public or along distance transport, buy a ticket, or simply use a translator in case of being abroad. That is why, it is worth having a power bank always by our sides. You could find a type suitable for your needs.

Travel adapter

Every traveller’s luggage contains charger for any device taken. However, there are a dozen of sockets worldwide, so when you travel often you probably came across a situation when given plug do not fit to the particular type of the socket. The problem can be easily solved by taking a universal travel adapter. This small and affordable device enables you to use sockets in more than 150 countries such as: UK, Australia, China, Japan, USA, and many more.

Photographer on a journey – useful devices

Travelling almost always go hand in hand with photography. Mostly, we use our smartphone for photographing, but when visiting new places it is worth taking more professional device. We should be sure that we could use the device at any time. What can help us with this?

Spare battery for camera

Due to the low battery level, the camera cannot capture a beautiful landscape or an exceptional moment – this is an undesirable situation. We may not always be able to charge the batteries and even if it’s possible, we may not be able to use our camera for a while. It can be prevented by taking a spare battery and we will be able to enjoy beautiful pictures taken during your trip, especially after the return.

Spare battery for drone

Certainly, among our readers there are fans of filming and photographing with drones. During travelling it’s not always possible to charge the battery easily; working time on a single battery is quite short (on average about 20-15 minutes). That is why it is worth carrying a spare battery. It will help you to capture the best moments and the beauty of the landscapes seen and experienced.

Car charger

A car charger is irreplaceable during driving. It is possible to connect a smartphone, car camera or GPS. To charge your phone efficiently and quickly, choose a device with Power Delivery function allowing up to 5 times faster charging. If your portable computer requires power supply, it is advisable to buy a special car charger for laptops, useful when you cannot use a standard socket. If you want to listen to our favourite playlist, it is worth to consider buying a FM transmitter that connect your smartphone to the car sound system via Bluetooth.

Car camera

While travelling by car you should consider buying a car camera allowing us to travel more safely and in case of a collision, prove the course of accidents. We can also use it to record shots other than just a car. However, it is worth remembering that in some countries (e.g. Austria) it is illegal to use it and it’s punished with a fine.

Car inverter

If you are going on a longer trip to the countryside, a car inverter will be an irreplaceable device. It can be used to charge basic electronic devices, such as smartphones and laptops but also customer electronics like audio and video devices (e.g. tuners, TV, DVD) or small home appliances (i.e. toaster, hair dryer or shaver). The inverter can be used especially on camping or in other places without permanent access to the electricity.


We hope that the above list will be useful for you and facilitate your journey. We wish everyone successful and amazing trips (weekend and holiday) and we invite you to our shop. If you have any questions, we look forward to your feedback.