Modern laptops, apart from their excellent parameters, design, lightness and small dimensions, have one serious drawback – a small number of ports (and only USB-C). This can generate a lot of problems – constant attaching and detaching of the charger, disk or other devices can strongly disorganize the work. Not to mention the memory card or HDMI sockets, which we simply do not realize. We can take all these problems to the past with USB-C hubs.

Finally a fully functional laptop

The USB-C adapter allows you to extend one (and sometimes the only) USB-C port to 6 or more ports (depending on the hub model) that are missing. Classic USB-A ports are still widely used and it is hard to imagine a modern laptop without them. Hubs have USB-C ports that support Quick Charge and Power Delivery standards, so you can still charge from your laptop while using them. HDMI, Ethernet, SD and micro SD card readers are other frequently used sockets that will provide us with hubs.

Advanced technology at your service

Modern hubs are ultra-compact. This means that you can take them with you anywhere and they won’t take up much space on your desk. An interesting and practical solution is the Green Cell Connect60 hub for the latest MacBooks. It fits perfectly into your computer case, so it’s an integral part of your laptop.

What is interesting, many docking stations are equipped with PC mode systems like Samsung Dex, which will allow you to use the phone as a mini computer. You can read more about this in the article How DeX system works?

For today that’s it, all USB-C Green Cell adapters can be found on our website 😉.

Author: Leszek Jasiński