Especially for active drivers, we have prepared a short set of the most interesting accessories that will improve and make the life of every driver, especially those who spend a large part of the day in the car. Without a smartphone we do not leave our home today, and its importance is even greater when travelling by car, because few drivers currently travel without GPS navigation. Therefore, before setting off on the road, it is necessary to collect a few necessary extras, which will help to maintain comfort and safety of driving.

Gadgets for the phone

The phone is an indispensable tool in the car. Drivers use the built-in navigation and use handsfree sets for telephone conversations, and these activities are quickly reflected in the energy bar. Getting out of the car and being greeted by a flashing battery or worse, a black screen is a perspective that no driver wants to experience. After all, it is not always possible to find an outlet immediately. USB car chargers are the solution.

Work on the road without limits

The car laptop charger is an absolute must-have for those who don’t like to part with their notebook and above all passengers. Especially when the travellers are a few hours away from point B, even the best battery will not survive this test. Equipping yourself with a dedicated laptop charger solves this problem and using your laptop while driving will not end after several dozen kilometres.

Start the car and recharge the equipment

The next device on the list is a unique power bank, with which we can both start a car with a discharged battery and charge mobile equipment. Car Jump Starter is a device that will allow you to start the car “from the cable” without having to wait for a friendly driver or neighbor. The same power bank can of course also be used to recharge your equipment, such as a phone or tablet.

Car converters

Another important addition is the voltage inverter. It allows to change the voltage of the car battery 12V or 24V into 230V, i.e. the same as we have in home sockets. Thanks to this, we can use all our favourite devices that we use at home. The converter is additionally equipped with USB sockets, which allow charging two additional devices. These can be smartphones, tablets, cameras and many other mobile devices that we use while travelling. The converter is a device that offers a very wide range of possibilities in its relatively low price.

Your own music

Comfort and well-being are very important aspects when driving. Listening to your favourite hits is the best way to do so. Radio repeats after some time cause more and more annoyance, especially on longer routes. The solution is to purchase the Xiaomi Roidmi 3S FM transmitter, which allows you to play your favourite music on the car radio, thanks to the combination with an app on your smartphone. This way, you are not doomed to be a radio DJ. But that’s not all, the device also has two charging ports!

Multi-port USB chargers and power banks

One charger socket is not enough when both the driver and passengers want to use their equipment without worrying about a discharged battery. Multi-USB chargers for the cigarette lighter socket are useful equipment that will allow you to power up to 3 phones at once.

An alternative is to invest in a large, efficient powerbank (preferably equipped with Quick Charge function), which also allows you to charge multiple smartphones at once. In this case, however, we must remember to recharge it and not to leave the car under heat. High temperatures and sunshine can be very harmful to the cells.

Properly equipped car becomes safer and much more comfortable for both driver and passengers. Everything is at hand, ready to use. As a result, you can go further, safer and more efficiently.

Author: Leszek Jasiński