A swollen battery is definitely a cause for concern. It is one of the tell-tale signs that your phone battery needs replacing. This time we would like to explain the reasons why it happens and how to proceed when it does.

In this article you will find out:

  • why a phone battery swells,
  • what are the signs of a swollen battery,
  • what to do when the battery swells.

Why a battery swells

Swelling usually points to a battery damage. As a result of a chemical reaction, battery cells release flammable gases.  A modern battery will retain these gases to prevent a fire. And this is how the battery starts to swell. This happens most often in Li-Ion or Li-Po batteries and is observed in phone or laptop batteries. Such batteries are much more efficient than those used in the past, but the possibility of swelling can’t be ruled out. Fortunately, it doesn’t happen all too often.

Swelling is usually a consequence of improper use, but it can also happen when the battery is damaged or worn out. It may also be the fault of poor quality (but you need to remember that original batteries can also swell, although they should theoretically be of high quality).

Why does a phone battery swell

Which signs point to a swollen phone battery?

First thing you should be concerned about is a changed shape of the phone case or a display screen that is being pushed out. If you notice one of those things – you can almost be sure that the battery in your phone is swelling. But you might encounter less noticeable symptoms – especially at the beginning. These signs include short battery operating time, overheating or sudden drops in the battery level. They do not always point to a swollen battery – these signs can also tell you that the battery life is coming to an end.

What to do when you suspect a swollen battery?

A swollen battery is a serious issue. Even if it’s still working, you shouldn’t be using it. Once you’ve noticed the tell-tale signs, immediately switch off the device. If you are sure you can easily do it yourself, you can peek inside your phone and check out the battery. If it’s swollen, you will instantly notice it –  any change in shape or increase in the battery size is a cause for concern.

If you discover the battery is indeed swollen, you need to replace it as soon as practically possible. Of course, if the warranty on your phone (or the battery) hasn’t expired yet, it’s a good idea to get in touch with the authorised store and have the battery replaced free of charge. Otherwise, you can order a new battery and replace it. You can do it on your own, or ask a specialist. Phone batteries  – original models and high-quality replacements – are available in our online store.

Don’t ignore it. A swollen battery is a serious issue – not only because your phone will be dead in a matter of minutes. With time it will get worse. At some point your phone will stop working altogether, because the battery will die. Unfortunately, before it happens, the display screen  may be damaged, the case may change its shape or – in the worst case scenario – you will find your battery in flames!

Can you prevent the battery from swelling?

Batteries swell for a number of reasons. There is no single way to prevent it and be sure it never happens. If you take proper care of your phone and battery and use your devices in line with their intended purpose, you may extend battery life and reduce the risk of swelling. Remember to:

  • recharge your phone only with original chargers or high-quality replacement products by reputable brands, such as Green Cell
  • avoid short charging cycles – do not connect your phone to the power supply when the battery is 40%, and only wit until it’s half-full
  • avoid deep discharge whenever possible
  • make sure your phone doesn’t overheat – high temperatures damage the battery
  • when replacing the battery, choose high-quality replacements
  • control the battery level – if you notice the battery is depleted rather fast, consider replacing it.


Li-Ion cells may release flammable gases, which make the battery swell. If this is the case with your phone – don’t wait and replace the battery. Explore Battery Empire to find a perfect replacement and enjoy speedy delivery!