The Green Cell brand has once again prepared a product that surprises with its functionality. GC PowerRide is a completely new level of charging mobile devices on the move. Thanks to it, you can instantly charge up to three devices at once!

Huge charging power

The charger has an unprecedented charging power of 54 W. Thanks to it we are able to provide maximum speed of power for up to 3 devices at the same time! The device has 3 ports supporting our proprietary Ultra Charge fast charging technology. It is fully compatible with the most popular standards – Quick Charge 3.0, Apple 2.4 A, Samsung AFC, Huawei FCP or Pump Express. With GC PowerRide you’ll never run out of power!

Compatible with any type of socket

The latest Green Cell product looks great in any car interior. In addition, a characteristic green backlight is provided for each port. Thanks to it, you can easily reach the port even in the middle of the night. The compatibility of this device with every type of vehicle also draws attention. GC PowerRide works without any problems with both 12-volt sockets used in cars and 24-volt sockets used in trucks and campers.

The ideal travel partner

GC PowerRide is perfect for any journey, even the longest. We can simultaneously power the phone pointing the way to navigation, passengers can easily watch movies on the phone or tablet, or read books on the ebook reader. Thanks to the charger, even long journeys will become a comfortable trip!

Author: Michał Bródka