Even the best electronic devices break down after some time. Your tablet won’t charge and you want to know why? Today we are presenting 3 most frequent reasons why your tablet stops working. 

In this article you will find out:

  • why the tablet won’t charge,
  • what to do to be able to charge it again,
  • how to choose a proper replacement.

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Troubles with tablet – most frequent charging problems

Before we answer the question what to do when your tablet won’t charge, we will have a closer look at the likely source of the problem:

  • defective accessories (e.g. defective charger, torn cable core),
  • damaged or contaminated charging socket,
  • problem with elements inside the device (e.g. battery or another component).

In order to rule out the first option, you need to check that the charger and cable are operable. You can easily do it by connecting another device, e.g. a smartphone. Simply use these accessories to try and recharge the phone. If the phone charges, it means the accessories are not the problem. But if you experience the same troubles with another device, you may be sure that the charger or the cable is at fault. To be sure, try connecting your tablet to another set of accessories. Then you can make sure whether there’s something wrong with the tablet or with the accessories.

Please note that if you’re using an old charger with low power, the charging process may be ineffective and take more than a dozen hours. When choosing a new charger, make sure it has at least the same power as the original one. If charging takes too long – you might ant to pick a charger with more power. (I.e. the new charger should have the same voltage and the same or higher amperage – because it guarantees more power.)

Charging socket  is another element that is prone to damage. Especially when your device has a micro-USB connector, where even the slightest bending of the metal plate can result in disconnection. Once you connect the device to the charger, try shifting the cable to the sides to see whether it “catches on.” If the tablet charges only in a specific position and once you change the angle, it stops charging, it means the socket is probably damaged. 

Another problem could be the internal components of the tablet. If the tablet has been running on the same battery for years, it might be depleted. If you happened to drop the device on the floor and afterwards the tablet won’t charge, this means some mechanical damage was done. Just to be sure, check the back case of the device. If it’s deformed or fractured, it could mean the battery is swelling. This is dangerous, because an old battery might explode. If this is the case, it’s best to head straight for the service shop.

tablet won't charge

My tablet won’t charge … what shall I do?

Now you know the most frequent reasons why your tablet won’t charge. What can you do about it? If you have replaced the charger and the cable, and the problem persists, try cleaning the micro USB socket with compressed air. You can use a torch to look inside the socket and see if it’s dirty. 

But if cleaning doesn’t help, you have only one option: replacement. If you don’t feel up to it, you can ask an expert to repair the device for you. If you entrust your tablet to a service shop, you can be sure that the process will proceed smoothly. Remember, that if you decide to have your tablet repaired, you can always bring your own spare parts and ask the specialists to assemble them. 

How to choose a replacement?

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If you can’t recharge your tablet, first try to find the reason for this. Examine your device and accessories to make sure it’s none of the cases described above, and try out our recommendations. If necessary, find a replacement for the defective part in our online store, and then go to the service shop or try replacing the element yourself.