A wet or flooded laptop is serious business. Especially if it’s a MacBook. But there’s no point crying over spilt milk – or water, for that matter – when you still have a chance to save your device. What matters most is a speedy, targeted response. Explore the step-by-step procedure and get a “first aid kit” for your laptop, just in case. We have a handful of tips for you in the event your MacBook gets wet!

In this article you will find out:

  • how to save a flooded MacBook,
  • what to include in the “first aid kit” for a wet laptop,
  • when to visit a service shop,
  • where to find spare parts for MacBook.

When MacBook meets water

You may think any fluid spilt on your laptop is just as harmful as all the others. That’s where you’re wrong – your MacBook components will suffer more in contact with sugar, alcohol or fizzy drinks than when flooded with spilled water. Additives permeate deep into the structure of your laptop and may enter into harmful chemical reactions with the subcomponents, which may destroy the electronics in your device.

If you delay switching off your MacBook to clean it, the risk of electrochemical corrosion increases. This is the case when an electrolytic fluid affects metal parts of the device. The process also increases the risk of a dangerous short circuit. That’s why when your laptop is flooded, the first thing you should do is disconnect it from the power supply.

macbook and juice

Flooded MacBook – what to do?

Has the power supply been disconnected? Now you can proceed to save your laptop. Switch your MacBook off as soon as possible. If it’s still working, close down the system properly, so as to avoid losing the data. You can also press and hold the power button. Next, remove the battery  or – if your model comes with an integrated battery – reset the device to deactivate the battery. It’s also a good idea to disconnect all the other peripherals from your laptop, such as the mouse, keyboard or speakers.

When you’ve switched your MacBook off, put it in a proper position to make sure the fluid leaks out. It is usually necessary to place the laptop upside down on an absorbent paper towel  or cloth. Remember to protect the screen – this component is most prone to damage when the laptop is flooded. Tilt the screen far back and make sure it has no contact with the leaking water.

All the time act quickly and decisively. Otherwise you may spill the fluid all over your device.

In order to dry the laptop   you need to summon all of your patience. It may last less than an hour or a couple of hours – it all depends on how much fluid has entered your device. The type of fluid is also important. If it was water, it’s enough to wait until it evaporates. If it was something sweet, you will have to dismantle the device and clean the components.

wet macbook

Wet MacBook – first aid kit

When your MacBook is already dry, you can start counting your losses. If you’re in the know, dismantle the device and proceed to clean individual elements. To this end, you will need:

  • distilled water,
  • isopropyl alcohol,
  • toothbrush,
  • cotton buds,
  • paper tissues.

You can also use a hairdryer (low temperature!) and compressed air.

Wipe all the traces of corrosion with isopropyl alcohol diluted in distilled water. The toothbrush and cotton buds will help you clean persistent smudges in the hidden corners of your laptop. Once you’ve dried all the components, reassemble your MacBook and try switching it back on.

If you don’t feel up to it, you’re well advised to visit a service shop and leave your MacBook in the hands of experts. This is to avoid unnecessary damage. In a service shop your device will be attended to by professionals.

how to fix wet macbook

And if the losses are irretrievable…

It could be the case that some of the components of your flooded MacBook don’t survive. In this situation you will have to look for a replacement. And once again – you can replace the destroyed component yourself or ask the experts to do it for you. You can always address an Apple service shop with a broken screen, battery of motherboard.

But if you want to replace some components yourself, you will have to start with finding a proper replacement. It’s enough to visit Battery Empire and use our search engine: enter the model of your MacBook to see all the compatible products you can use to repair it.

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