Do you like to travel? If you’re heading for a quick day trip or a weekend excursion to the mountains or to the seaside, it’s good to remember about a few must-haves – a couple of handy gadgets. Every time you’re planning a journey, remember to pack a good power bank to recharge your electronic devices while you’re on the go. Check out how to choose the best size power bank to be ready for any journey!

In this article you will find out:

  • why a power bank is useful when you’re away from home,
  • what to look out for when choosing a power bank,
  • what is best size power bank for travel,
  • which power bank to choose depending on the length of your planned journey.

Why is a power bank useful when you’re away from home?

When coming up with a checklist of essentials to pack, apart from bottled water, comfy shoes and snacks you should also remember about a power bank. We live in a time when electronic and electric devices are an important part of our everyday experience. It’s hard to imagine a few hours without a mobile phone, which prevents us from missing out on what’s going on in the world – nowadays we understand connection not only as making phone calls, but also being online. No wonder we want to be constantly up-to-date, also when we’re travelling. And in order to keep in touch with the world, we need a fully operable phone. To this end, it’s good to have a good power bank to rely on when all other sources of energy are unavailable. And it’s not just about your phone, but also other useful devices that might need recharging. A power bank can share the energy stored inside with a variety of devices: be it a GPS, a camera or a GoPro.

man with powerbank on a hike

What to look out for when choosing a power bank for travel? 

If you appreciate the opportunity to recharge your equipment in no time at all, pick a model with the quick charge function. This technology makes it possible for you to replenish the battery in your devices at the fastest possible speed, considering the parameters of the power bank.

You are also well advised to note the number and type of USB ports (USB C, micro USB etc.). If you’re going on holiday with your family and friends, you may be faced with a situation when two phones are dead at the same time. And wouldn’t it be great if you could recharge both at one go?

It’s also good to choose a power bank with a solid, durable case – it should be resistant to mechanical damage. And if it’s waterproof, it’s just perfect. Go for a lightweight, compact model – after all, you will be using it while you’re on the go. And as we know, there’s never enough room in the backpack.

best size power bank for travel

Far, far away – 20000 mAh or 30000 mAh?

If you’re going really far, to a place where access to electricity is difficult  – e.g. on a long mountain route or a campsite – it’s nice to have a high-capacity power bank. This parameter means the power bank stores more energy to recharge your devices. A good example of a high-capacity power bank is Green Cell PowerPlay20, with a capacity of 20000 mAh! This device has two ports: USB-C Power Delivery 18W and USB-A Ultra Charge. With PowerPlay20 you will quickly recharge not only your phone, but also a few other gadgets, such as Nintendo Switch.

Another advantage of the Green Cell power bank is its durability –  it’s especially important when you’re going on a journey and you expect your luggage to be subject to shock or impact on the way. PowerPlay20 is a premium product, which can be used in virtually any circumstances. You will easily squeeze it in your bag or backpack – you don’t have to worry it might get damaged on the way. Besides, quick charge function and top-class lithium-polymer cells guarantee up to 72 hours of battery life!

If you’re planning a long trip to a place with no access to electricity, you will need a really powerful product.  If this is the case, you may want to explore a Green Cell power bank  with a capacity of 30000 mAh. This is the highest capacity we can offer in our online store. With its impressive parameters, it can recharge your devices a few times!

When you’re travelling by plane, remember there are certain requirements that electronic gadgets must comply with. If you want to take a high-capacity power bank on board, go for Green Cell PowerPlay Ultra 26800 mAh. The designers of this product considered the limits imposed by air carriers and came up with a power bank that can be carried on board of any plane! 

Man tourist charging battery of mobile phone in touristic tent

And when it’s just a little outing? Will 10000 mAh be enough?

The best power banks for charging mobile phones and other devices during brief outings are those with a capacity of 10000 mAh. Lower capacity might be just enough in this case. Lightweight construction and compact size means you won’t even feel you have an extra piece of luggage with you. You may like, for example, an inductive power bank by RDY. It’s a lightweight, handy and reliable device which offers wireless power transfer. And it can recharge up to three devices at a time! Thanks to advanced safeguards, energy loss is minimised. Plus, you can be sure that there is no risk while your devices are recharging.


The best power bank is the one that suits your needs on a specific journey. When going to the mountains or the seaside, check the declared capacity of the chosen device as well as the number and type of USB ports. Remember that the case needs to be robust and waterproof, so that you don’t have to worry about any damage. Explore the range of power banks available in Battery Empire and pick a product that suits your needs. Whatever your destination, we are sure you will find a power bank that will make your life easier!