Battery life is one of the basic criterias in battery selection. A few hours of autonomy without charging is desired by every owner of a laptop. Therefore, one of the main goals of Green Cell brand was to exceed standards and provide fresh energy to even the most demanding users.

The most important factor that affects both battery capacity and battery life are the cells used in the battery. Depending on their quality and the technology used in them, we can obtain a different time of autonomy on a single charge and a different number of total charging cycles. Green Cell focused on these two factors – capacity and lifetime – and it led to the creation of the PRO and ULTRA battery series.

Thanks to this, one battery model can have up to 7 different versions, which differ in capacity, size and number of charging cycles. All dependencies and differences can be found later in this text.

Extended batteries

At the beginning we will take care of batteries with standard Green Cell cells. They have a lifetime of about 500 charge cycles, which is similar to the performance of the original batteries. More capacity for these batteries is achieved by adding an additional set of cells. The most common battery capacity is 4400 mAh and it has 6 cells. After adding 3 cells it will increase to 6600 mAh and after adding 6 to 8800 mAh.

You need to remember that the extended battery is also bigger in actual size – it has additional cells, that will protrude from the back of below the laptop by about 2 cm. What’s good though, the latter solution improves air circulation and computer cooling. However, it should be remembered that these versions usually do not fit into docking stations.

PRO batteries

The second way to increase battery life and capacity is to use better quality cells. An example of this is the PRO series of Green Cell batteries.

They use Samsung SDI cells with increased energy density. This allows to maintain the standard shape of the battery with higher capacity – instead of standard 4400 mAh PRO batteries have 5200 mAh. For many models there are also available extended versions, protruding outside the notebook. Then the difference is even greater – instead of 6600 mAh we get as much as 7800 mAh. An additional advantage of this product is its durability. It has about 700 charging cycles, which is about 40% higher.

ULTRA batteries

The best quality batteries can be found in Green Cell ULTRA series. These batteries have Panasonic cells – they are the same cells that are used in Tesla cars. Thanks to the addition of SiO (silicon oxide) the performance of the cells has increased significantly. This allowed to obtain a capacity of up to 6800 mAh remaining in standard sizes. An additional advantage of ULTRA batteries is their very high lifetime. It oscillates around 1000 charging cycles, which in practice allows to use the battery twice as long as the original models.

The ULTRA series is able to meet the needs of even the most demanding users, both for a much longer period of operation without charging, and for several years.

The ideal battery for every user

Green Cell’s offer includes many battery variants, which allow for precise selection of the battery according to your requirements. The choice is possible between three types of cells – Green Cell, Samsung and Panasonic, as well as two size versions – standard and extended battery. It remains to decide how much capacity we need and how much we want to spend.

Author: Michał Bródka