Today you will learn how to maximize the comfort of working with your laptop wherever you are.

Well, wherever we are, because remote working does not have to mean sitting at a desk. Thanks to widely available and faster mobile Internet, more and more of us decide to work remotely, e.g. on a plot, in our gardens, and we are often forced to work while travelling. With all these situations and places there is always a risk that we will not find a comfortable socket to connect a laptop. The answer to this is the ULTRA Green Cell battery series.

The eternal trouble with access to the socket

A short battery can be very cumbersome, especially when working remotely. We look for a lounger on the balcony or in the garden, sit down to work with morning coffee and realize in a moment that the battery is running out and the charger cable is too short to reach the nearest socket. Of course, we can play with extension cords, but then the magic question will arise… why?

The situation looks even more troublesome on the road when we are always afraid that the battery is not enough to finish the email. We are in a hurry then, we are inattentive and the results are that our boss gets an invitation to the wedding and a friend gets asked for a raise. If you have ever done so and in both cases you have received a positive answer, there is nothing left to congratulate… on both the choice of friends and the job.

For those less fortunate, however, there is an option to avoid the risk and simply replace the battery with a model that will last longer than an hour and change 😉.

50% longer operating time than with an old battery

Green Cell ULTRA is a series of batteries for laptops equipped with Panasonic cells and this is where the secret of long performance lies. The difference between ULTRA and original batteries is very big. Most laptops originally have a 4400 mAh battery and the ULTRA battery of the same size is 6800 mAh. This is more than half the capacity! In addition, these cells have a much longer long-term life – they wear much slower than the original ones due to the quality of the cells.

Remote working with complete freedom wherever you are

With moderate component loads and an economical matrix brightness setting, laptops can run for 5-6 hours on original batteries. On a ULTRA series battery we can get up to 9 hours! Such a result in reserve is enough for a full day of work without access to an outlet, regardless of whether we spend it under an umbrella in the garden or on the road.

So let’s not bother when solving problems is so easy. So, if you would like to replace the battery in your laptop, please visit our shop. In the meantime, I’m going back to work… remote of course.

Author: Krzysztof Wołongiewicz