All electronic devices tend to break down one day –  even those that were 100% reliable for years may experience some defect. This is because most of them are made of “consumable components”, which means they are subject to wear and tear. This is true of both laptops and mobile phones, especially that we use them intensely every single day. Has your iPhone slowed down of lately? The applications take ages to open up and each activity lasts much too long? Plus, if the phone battery drains really fast and you often have to recharge it, you can be sure that your iPhone battery needs replacing.

In this article you will find out:

  • what’s the iPhone battery life,
  • how to make the most of your phone battery,
  • when to replace the battery,
  • what kind of battery to choose.

What’s the iPhone battery life?

Apple devices come with lithium-ion batteries, which are believed to be the most efficient. They are light and slim, which means the phones are small and handy. At the same time, these batteries use the most advanced technology and their quality is the best in this market segment. Still, each battery gets depleted with time. Nowadays iPhone batteries need replacement after ca. 2 – 3 years – the manufacturer claims that the batteries are designed for 500 – 700 recharge cycles. 

Statistically speaking, a single charge is enough to keep the phone going for 12 hours. Of course, this time will be reduced if you decide to use your iPhone more extensively, e.g. watch films on end, play mobile games or use energy-consuming apps. 

iphone's battery

How to make the  most of an iPhone battery?

There are a number of ways to take care of your iPhone battery and extend its lifetime. First of all, avoid overloading the battery. In order to follow this advice, remember about the following:

  • don’t wait until your iPhone is dead – make sure you plug it into the charger before it shuts down,
  • try not to expose your phone to extreme weather conditions,
  • switch off extra functions that consume too much energy (such as GPS, Bluetooth or apps in the background),
  • don’t be afraid to leave your phone in the charger for the whole night  (in the past it used to be a problem, but new models have an integrated overload protection).

When to replace the battery? First signs

How do I know that the time has come to replace my iPhone battery? –  you might ask. Below we are presenting a few tell-tale signs of upcoming crisis. They might alert you to the situation and help you act in advance. Some of these are not so serious, but they affect the quality of using an iPhone all the same. Other might suggest that battery replacement will not be enough and that your iPhone will have to be serviced in an Apple store.

The first thing that should grab your attention is the fact that the phone battery drains fast – even when you’re using it occasionally and don’t waste its power e.g. for watching films and series. Are you surprised when your iPhone dies after a sudden change in temperature (e.g. when you leave your warm home to go out on a freezing day)? What is more, you can’t switch it back on afterwards? It might be that the battery needs replacement. If you observed that your phone overheats, this is yet another sign that the original battery is depleted.

But the most serious indicator is when the battery starts swelling – it bumps up until the phone cover bulges. Be careful, because a swollen battery can explode! In order to avoid unnecessary risk, it’s best to visit an authorised store and have the battery replaced.

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What battery do you choose for your iPhone? Go for Green Cell

Choosing a replacement battery is sometimes a matter for discussion –  of course, it depends on the user’s individual needs and preferences, but primarily you should consider the requirements of a specific model (Apple iPhone X, Apple iPhone 7 etc.). For example, for iPhone 6 s we recommend the  Green Cell battery  with the capacity of 1715mAh and voltage of 3.8V. The brand new battery is not only crafted with utmost precision, but also fully compatible with original Apple hardware.

Just like the original battery, the Green Cell replacement comes with integrated overload protection. Once you unbox it, it’s ready to use. It can be used to replace such battery models as 616-00036 and 616-00033. In brief, Green Cell batteries are a perfect replacement for the original one that came with your iPhone and that has become depleted over time.

The need to replace an iPhone battery does not spell the end of the world

Overheating, the need for frequent recharging, problems with switching your iPhone on when it’s cold or the dangerous “swelling” – these are the most common tell-tale signs that should prompt you to consider battery replacement. But remember, it’s no big deal – you can either replace your iPhone battery yourself or else visit the Apple store. In some cases you can even use a valid warranty. Still, when using your iPhone make sure you don’t overload its components, so that all of them can last longer. However, if you have no choice but to buy a new battery, you can always choose the right product in Battery Empire! 😉