When we think about the batteries we use every day, devices such as a phone, laptop or TV remote control will certainly come to mind first. However, the battery empire around us ( 🙂 ) is much larger and more ubiquitous in everyday life than we think. Remote controls for cars or garage doors, digital thermometers, watches, bathroom and kitchen scales and other necessary equipment. From now on we have batteries for them too.

The batteries are fastened to the last button!

These button or pill like batteries are very widely used in small electronic devices such as calculators, glucometers, automatic locks, watches, pressure gauges and many others.

We will offer 3 models of these batteries:
1. Green Cell CR1620 3V 70mAh
2. Green Cell CR2025 3V 160mAh
3. Green Cell CR2032 3V 220mAh

These batteries are used in devices of such manufacturers as Casio, Vector, Citizen, Clatronic, Accu-check. More information about compatible devices can be found on the product sheets.
All lozenge batteries are available for sale in blister packs of 5 pieces. In addition to the specifications on the product card you will find the appropriate variants.

A very important feature of Green Cell button batteries is their very long lifetime. When fully active, the cells provide up to 3 years of efficient operation, and the storage time is up to 10 years. So if you buy more batteries, you can be sure that after a few years of keeping them in a drawer, they will still be perfectly functional and ready to use. It is worth adding that batteries of this type are adapted to work in the temperature range from -30 to even 60 degrees Celsius.

3 V specialist batteries

Green Cell increased its portfolio by two more models – specialized 3V batteries. Like lozenges, these batteries are also adapted to a very wide range of devices. These include smoke detectors, bicycle accessories, electric collars, flashlights and flashlights. Batteries have the following designations and parameters:
1. Green Cell CR123A 3V 1400mAh
2. Green Cell CR2 3V 800mAh

Like lozenges, the 3-volt cylindrical lithium batteries also enable very high and low temperatures and have a very long service life – even 10 years of storage.

You will find all new specialist batteries here.

Author: Krzysztof Wołongiewicz