Charging the phone as an activity is a permanent fixture in the daily schedule. Few people realize that it is more than just plugging the phone into a socket and waiting for the battery to reach 100%. Correct charging of the phone battery allows you to avoid having to quickly replace it with a new one. By following these simple steps you can extend the energy efficiency of your phone, eliminating the need to top-up several times a day.

Should I charge my phone before it is completely discharged?

There has been a belief for years, that charging a phone before it is fully discharged reduces battery capacity (it used to be the case when using other types of cells in phone batteries). This issue does not apply to the latest smartphones. You can charge the phone in any battery condition without fear. Modern phones are better charged frequently, but briefly. A zero to full charge is not recommended. If you exploit the battery until fully discharged each time, the result will be poorer performance. Moreover, 100% is not always the primary goal. A battery charged at 90% will last longer in the long run.

How to properly replace your phone battery?

You already know it’s better to avoid fully discharging the phone and recharging it to 100%. Another important issue is overcharging the battery. Many modern models have special protection against this phenomenon, however, excessive battery fatigue is never a good solution. What is the most common time for overcharging the battery? Overnight. This is when most people recharge or fully charge their smartphones. Keeping a fully charged phone plugged in to the mains will shorten the battery life.  It’s best to keep the battery level around 90%. When connecting the phone before going to bed, you lose control of the charging process. With each subsequent “night” the charging cycle, the battery effectively loses its efficiency. A battery charged at night will discharge a little, and this causes additional power consumption. In addition, it will also cause unnecessary heat.

Use proven chargers

Proper charging of your phone’s battery can’t be done without a suitable charger. However, the factory chargers that you get with your phone may fail over time. It’s often a weak 0.5A or 1A battery that doesn’t take advantage of fast charging capabilities. If you want to buy a new charger, you need to pay close attention to whether the equipment is really suited to your smartphone’s needs. Plus, you need to get the right cable as not all of them support fast charging. If you are looking for both batteries and professional chargers we encourage you to check out our specially prepared offer. They support Quick Charge technology as well Power Delivery. They will allow you to charge the phone in a few dozen minutes, instead of several hours. We look forward to your visit.