Bags packed, navigation set up, straps fastened and we’re off. Just so you’re sure we’re well prepared for the road? Will the battery on your phone be enough for the entire route? Will our favourite radio still receive in 100 kilometres? After all, we will have 3 times longer route! I will tell you today how to get rid of these and many other concerns while travelling by car.

Car charger

Navigation, calls, the internet, or music sent via Bluetooth or cable to your car radio are the merciless devouring of your smartphone battery. If you have a longer route than from home to work, you’ll need to power your phone. However, let’s not be selfish, there are still passengers who, not being focused on driving, all the more want to use their phones freely. That is why Green Cell car chargers are equipped with 2 or 3 USB ports. What is extremely important, the design of the plug ensures that the charger will fit into any type of lighter socket. Let everyone know that no one will run out of energy in your car 😉.

FM transmitter Xiaomi Roidmi 3S

A lifeboard for all those who do not have a bluetooth radio or AUX connector in their car. We synchronize the Roidmi transmitter with the phone via bluetooth and send music to it, just like a wireless speaker. The device then transmits FM waves, which we then receive on the radio like any other station. This allows you to play your favorite songs from Spotify even on the oldest car radio.

Additionally, Roidmi is also a car charger with two USB ports and a 2.4 A charging speed on both ports. Pretty good, right?

Car Jump Starter – power bank with car starter function

A discharged battery is a small problem underneath the house, with lots of friendly neighbors around. However, when we’re on a long journey, it can be quite a problem. Let’s also assume that it happened during a stopover in a beautiful mountainous outback. The darkness slowly falls and our car refuses to obey – a real horror movie scenario.

To avoid such a dark adventure, you need to buy a Car Jump Starter – a power bank, which allows you to start the car with a discharged battery. Of course, while it does not save our lives in a sinister, dark corner, it can charge our phones and function as a flashlight or compass. A real versatile hero.

Car converters

The last proposal is for all those who do not like to part with any of their favourite home appliances. A car converter is a device that converts 12V voltage from a cigarette lighter socket to 230V, which we have at home. In this way, we can use any device on the road, such as a TV set, sound system, lamps, heaters and many other equipment useful during long journeys.

Depending on our needs and the type of battery we have in our car, we have to choose an appropriate model of converter. They differ in several parameters:

Power: from 150 W of stable power to even 3000 W (6000 W of steady power) – if we use devices with low power consumption – chargers, screens, even 300 W of stable consumption is enough.

Voltage: 12 V for cars and 24 V for trucks with larger 24 V batteries.

Sinusoidal type: Pure (full) or approximated – depending on what kind of equipment we can connect. An approximated sine wave will be suitable for most equipment, but some, such as those equipped with an induction motor, such as a refrigerator or air conditioner, will require a model with a full sine wave.

Ready to go

Once we’ve replenished our travel gear, we can set off in peace. Our favourite soundtrack makes our time more pleasant, and mobile devices do not lack energy. Passengers can also recharge their phones, so they have something to do and don’t ask “far away yet?” every 15 minutes. Think how much more enjoyable this trip can be…

Author: Krzysztof Wolongiewicz