Although a laptop is a device designed for wireless operation, it can only run on the battery for a couple of hours. If you want to use it longer without the need to connect it to the mains, you will need a power bank. You will find a number of models that will easily recharge an advanced device like this. Make sure you know what to look out for when choosing this gadget!

In this article you will find out:

  • What to remember about when choosing a power bank,
  • What features a power bank should have if you want to use it with a laptop,
  • Where to find a proper power bank to recharge a laptop.

What is a good power bank to recharge a laptop?

If you already have a power bank, you might be tempted to think you could use it to recharge both your phone and your laptop. But compatible connectors do not necessarily mean the two devices will communicate properly. A power bank must manage specific technologies that will ensure a proper performance level.

Less advanced power banks, whose parameters might  be enough to recharge a phone, a MP3 player or other mobile accessories, may not work for laptops. When the power bank is connected to one of such mobile devices, it will simply supply them with energy. Laptops, however, require a special technology known as USB Power Delivery, which makes it possible to recharge a laptop through a USB port rather than standard inlet.

That’s the first, but not the only criterion to be considered when you choose  a power bank for your laptop

charging laptop with powerbank

What to look out for when buying a power bank to recharge your laptop?


Apart from USB Power Delivery, you should also consider another parameter when choosing a power bank, namely its capacity. This is the most important aspect that impacts the performance of your power bank. This figure should be around 10 000 – 20 000 mAh. The higher, the better.

It’s good to remember that a power bank will lose some of its energy due to humidity or extreme temperatures. That’s why in fact it’s advisable to pick a higher and more efficient model. In Battery Empire you will even find models with a capacity of 26 800 mAh! This is enough to recharge your computer up to 2 times.

Amperage and power

When buying a power bank to recharge your laptop, you should also consider the amperage generated by the device. Although 1A is enough to recharge any phone, a laptop will need at least 2A. Another thing to remember is the power. Phones can be quickly charged through an 18W USB port, but for a laptop you need a power of up to 65W.

Please note that an appropriate power level (combined with USB Power Delivery) will make it possible for you to use the fast charging function.

USB ports

Before you choose a power bank, make sure what USB ports it has. As you already know, in order to recharge a laptop you need the Power Delivery standard. This technology uses a USB-C port. But there are also models that come with a few different USB ports: it could be the classic USB-A or the nearly obsolete micro USB.

Don’t forget that you can only make the most of the available USB ports if you have appropriate charging cables that come with the device! In order to recharge a notebook from a power bank, you need sufficient output and compatible connectors. In most cases you are going to need USB-A connectors, although MacBooks and other small laptops only come with USB-C.

powerbank for laptop


It’s good to note that high-capacity power banks can be rather bulky. If you are looking for a convenient and handy gadget, you’re well advised to pick a compact model. A laptop itself weighs a few kilos, so an extra source of power could simply be too much for you to carry. Fortunately, technological advancement means electronic devices can be miniature, so you can find a number of models that weigh up to 400- 600 g.


Whether you’re using your power bank to recharge a laptop or a phone, you may be interested in a range of extra functions. Thanks to such amenities you will really enjoy using your device and make it more versatile.

A good example of a useful extra function can be LEDs or an LCD display, which shows you the  current battery level. That’s how you know how much energy you have left. You can also find models with solar panels, which will recharge your power bank while you’re out in the open with no access to electricity. Another useful function you may want is the flashlight.

powerbank and laptop

If you need a power bank to recharge your laptop, buy one in Battery Empire!

High-performance models with a capacity of more than 20 000 mAh are available in our online store! If you’re looking for a device that will recharge your notebook battery twice, explore Green Cell power banks designed for laptops. These high-quality power banks come with a capacity of up to 26 800 mAh.