Until recently, inductive charging was not associated with speed. With its latest AirJuice 15 W Green Cell wireless charger, it proves that induction charging can be really fast.

Induction charging in Qi standard for all types of devices

AirJuice is fully compatible with all smartphones that support the wireless charging standard – the charger is officially Qi-certified, which guarantees complete safety and perfect compatibility with devices. It will easily power even the latest Samsung S20 and S20 Ultra phones, which were launched on exactly the same day as the GC charger. AirJuice without any problems also works with other most popular smartphone brands such as Huawei, LG or Xiaomi. The GC pad is also fully compatible with Apple devices that currently support wireless charging up to 7.5 watts, which means we can easily charge phones such as the iPhone 8, iPhone X and the latest iPhone 11 / Pro models.

Headphones? No problem.

What else distinguishes an AirJuice charger? The ability to charge Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro wireless headphones and other manufacturers that have wireless charging cases like the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

For maximum charging convenience also via the case

Another good news is that Green Cell AirJuice effectively charges phones in a case as thick as 5 mm. It is also worth noting that the charger has a USB-C port, which is now becoming the dominant standard.

In addition to the charger itself, you will receive a compatible GC Matte USB-C cable 1m long supporting the quick charge function. To use the full power of the wireless pad from GC, it should be connected to a USB charger that supports fast charging, such as Ultra Charge, Quick Charge or Power Delivery.

If your phone doesn’t have wireless charging capabilities, you may be interested in our multi-port chargers.

Author: Krzysztof Wołongiewicz