You probably use a phone charger every day. It’s one of the basic accessories that usually come with each phone. Charger prices depend on several factors. This time we’re going to have a look at all of them and compare the prices of individual models.

In this article you will find out:

  • how much a phone charger could cost,
  • what determines the price,
  • how much individual wired models cost in Battery Empire.

Phone chargers – price range

You can buy a phone charger for a couple of dollars. However, such a device will be of poor quality and might be bad or even risky for your phone. Cheap accessories are manufactured by unknown companies and made with low-quality components. They usually come without a warranty, which means it’s not a good idea to buy them, given that they are likely to break down and have a relatively short life.

It’s hard to define the top values in the price range. The most expensive products may come in the form of wireless charging stations, which may cost up to a hundred dollars. Basic models with a few extra functions will cost around 10 – 60 dollars.

How can we explain such price differences? It turns out the devil’s in the detail, and it’s not only about the quality of the components. Let’s see what other features impact the charger price.

how much cost phone charger

What determines the charger price?

Fast charging is now a standard for new phones. This function means you can replenish the phone battery in a very short time. That’s because the voltage of the current supplied to the battery is boosted. An example of this standard is Quick Charge designed by Qualcomm. Other technologies of this kind – e.g. Fast Charge by Huawei – involve increasing the amperage. If you want to use this function, you need a charger  compatible with your phone. First of all, it must accommodate fast charging, and secondly – it should be compatible with the specific technology (this is particularly valid for Chinese brands).

Fast charging is one of the key factors that impact the charger price nowadays. The cheapest models will not support any of the latest technologies, while those from a higher price range will be compatible with Quick Charge, Dash Charge, Ultra Charge, Pump Express, or Turbo Power.

Another thing that determines the charger price is the number of ports. Standard adapters come with a single port, but in specialist stores, you can find variants with 2 – 5 outlets. You can connect any cable type to these chargers – from the popular USB-C, through older micro USB cables, to the Lightning cable by Apple. This means you can charge a few devices at a time! Remember that convenience comes at a price, so the more ports you  need, the more you will have to pay for the charger.

When analyzing the price range of this category, we also need to remember about wireless chargers. They will be notably more expensive than standard wired variants. A wireless charger can be installed in a specific place, so it’s enough if you just put your phone there to replenish its battery. What is important, this solution does not affect the charging time.


Price comparison of selected chargers

In Battery Empire, you will find high-quality wired chargers. To answer the question about their price, let’s have a closer look at a few models:

  • Green Cell PowerSource 75 W (£67,95) – this model comes with a fast-charging function and Smart Charge. This charger has higher power and a USB-C PD port.
  • Wireless charger Green Cell AirJuice 15W (£22,95)– although its power is twice lower, AirJuice comes at a price similar to ChargeSource 3. This is because it’s a wireless model, easy to use, aesthetic, and compatible with a range of electronic devices.
  • Green Cell ChargeSource 5 52W (£31,95) –  is one of the most advanced models available in our store. It comes with 5 USB ports, Ultra Charge and Smart Charge functions, and is highly resistant to damage. It’s a perfect gadget for those who appreciate high-quality or are looking for a convenient charger for a journey.


A high-quality charger with several extra functions – e.g. a few ports – is a convenient option that will help you not only recharge your phone but also replenish the battery in a couple of other devices. If you want a high-performance, robust charger, pick one of the models available in our online store! Our chargers come at different prices and are compatible with most phones.