Laptops have a number of features that impact their portability and make them convenient while you’re away from home: compact size, lightweight construction, display screen that adjusts to the ambient light. All of these will do you no good, though, if the battery is dead. Do you have a way to check whether your laptop battery is efficient and won’t fail you next time you’re on the go? 

In this article you will find out:

  • how can you tell your laptop battery is damaged,
  • how to make sure it’s the battery, not other components,
  • how to replace a damaged battery.

How can you tell that your laptop battery is damaged

It might seem easy: the battery is damaged when you unplug your laptop and it won’t switch on. But sometimes you work with your laptop connected to the power source and disconnect it only when  you need to work in a place with no socket. And if this is when you discover your battery is damaged, it will be far too late to do anything about it. What is more – you might observe a series of alarming sings before the battery dies.

What should you look out for, if you want to know whether something is wrong with your laptop battery and be prepared to replace it?

demaged battery replacement

Shorter battery working time

One of the tell-tale signs is a shorter battery working time. Disconnect your laptop from the power source and see whether it can run on a battery long enough to enable you to perform certain actions. If your computer runs on a battery shorter than it used to, or when it suddenly switches off (e.g. when the battery capacity indicator still shows 20%) –  this means you should prepare to replace the battery.  

Charging time

When the battery runs low, it will usually need more time to recharge. But be careful with this one – you may be faced with a reverse situation. If the battery recharges suspiciously fast, test the battery working time. 


Laptops are designed to cool down while they are operating. Excess heat is then dispersed. If your laptop becomes too hot when running on a battery, it means the battery is overloaded and can’t cool down. A frequent sign of overheating is the noise emitted by the fans when the laptop is operating. 

working on laptop with battery

Age of your laptop

There are computers which come with exceptionally long battery operating time. Unfortunately, we are yet to see a battery with eternal lifespan. If you have trouble recharging your device, it might be because of its age. Battery starts running low after 1-2 years, or after ca. 500 charging cycles. Of course, a lot depends on how you take care of the laptop battery. It might be the case that a 5- or 6-year old laptop runs a few hours on a battery, if you ensure proper maintenance. 

Indications of the diagnostic software

Modern operating systems have the ability to indicate issues and suggest solutions. This includes possible battery damage, too. Your computer will remind you to check your battery once in a while. 

battery works

How to make sure it’s the battery, not other components

It might seem obvious that if you can’t switch your laptop on, it must be the battery. But it’s not always the case. Another possibility is that the power supply is damaged  (too little current to replenish the battery) or that the components responsible for supplying the power to the components on the motherboard are broken. It could even be a loose socket outlet. First of all, it’s a good idea to check whether you can spot any damage on the charger. Also, when the laptop is charging only when you plug the charger in a specific position, but when you move it, the connection is broken – this is another cause for concern. It means the power supply is damaged. It’s best to check whether the power supply works with another laptop (of the same type, of course).


I hope the above tips will help you test the condition of your laptop battery regularly. If you believe you need a replacement, we will happily help you prepare for the process! Green Cell batteries available in our online store will extend the operating time of your laptop. Plus, they come at an affordable price!