Microsoft tablets are incredibly popular mainly because of their versatility. They can be used in a variety of modes, which makes them perfect mobile devices. Whatever your needs are, a tablet like this might come in handy in different circumstances, be it at work or at leisure. In order to be able to make the most of a MS tablet, you need a high-quality charger to go with it, so that you are never wanting for power. What to do if the default charger is lost or breaks down?

In this article you will find out:

  • how Microsoft Surface works,
  • what to look out for when buying a tablet charger,
  • how is the original Microsoft charger different from a replacement,
  • what chargers can you choose in Battery Empire.

Microsoft Surface – what exactly is it?

MS Surface tablets combine the versatility of a  graphic tablet with many functionalities of a laptop. They offer maximum freedom while writing or drawing, be it for fun or professionally. What makes these devices stand out are parameters typical of portable computers, but they can be also treated like a standard tablet. It’s up to you whether you decide to use any of the extra devices – keyboard, mouse or a stylus. 

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How to pick the best charger for your Microsoft tablet?

Each Microsoft tablet comes with a default charger. It matches the specific device. Fortunately, if anything happens to the default charger, it is really easy to replace it. Whether you lose the original charger or it breaks down, you will easily find a matching replacement. Examples of such products can be found in our online store.

When looking for a new charger for your MS tablet, you must first make sure that the model of your choice is 100% compatible with your device. To this end, please note the following parameters:

  • Power – expressed in watts – this information can be found underneath the tablet. Make sure the power of the new charger is not lower than the recommended value. It can always be higher, though.
  • Voltage–  as you may guess, this value is expressed in volts. It may differ by up to 1V from the one recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Plug – you need to see whether the charger will match the tablet port. Since there are various types of plugs used by a single manufacturer, it’s good to make sure the selected device will match your tablet.

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Original charger or a replacement?

You may wonder whether a charger by another brand will be a match for the original one. It all depends on the brand you decide to go for. Cheap, poor-quality products are never a good idea – they won’t match the requirements of your tablet and what is more, they may pose a serious risk to safety. It’s different with chargers made by well-known brands such as Green Cell. These accessories are reliable and almost exactly the same as the original  Microsoft products.

While most chargers last approximately two years, Green Cell products may last up to 3 years , even when intensely used. It’s worth noting that these chargers offer greater safety than other devices.

This is because of premium quality LEDs and transistors. They are resistant to high temperatures and guarantee high performance. What is more, the additional mains filter controls the input voltage, and extra safeguards protect the device against overvoltage and short circuit. The large radiator effectively absorbs the heat, preventing the charger from overheating, which in turn makes it last longer, and the network cable made of premium materials is highly resistant to mechanical damage.

As you can see, a replacement charger may offer better performance than the original Microsoft product.

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MS tablet chargers in Battery Empire

If you’re looking for a premium replacement charger for your MS tablet, explore the range of products available in our online store!

One of the models popular among our Clients is the Green Cell PRO 12V for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Pro4 tablets. It has a power of 36 W and flat plugs, which means it’s fully compatible with the abovementioned models.

Another series of products that are  a match for original chargers are Green Cell 12V chargers  for Microsoft Surface Pro, Pro2, RT and RT/2. Their parameters match the specification of the default accessories that come with the above Microsoft tablets.

Remember to choose only high quality products. Using cheaper accessories by unknown brands may be tempting at first sight, but it’s rather dangerous for you and for your device. Go for the best batteries and chargers that come with a proper warranty – all the products available at Battery Empire do. Pick a product that matches the requirements of your tablet and enjoy the outstanding performance!