Why are photovoltaics and electric cars a perfect match? Is a PV installation a guarantee of virtually free EV charging? We answer these and more questions in our article! Check it out.

Electric vehicle charging – what are the best methods?

Due to the growing number of electric vehicles appearing on the roads, there is a need to develop more efficient and user-friendly charging methods. The infrastructure of public stations is not an exception here – the more EVs, the greater the need for additional places where the vehicle can be powered. Apart from them, users can use mobile chargers or wallboxes. 

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However, it is worth paying special attention to powering an electric car with the use of photovoltaics. Such a solution has great potential not only in the household, but also on
a larger scale. So let’s check how solar power plants can help in the development of electromobility and ensure even cheaper travelling.

Photovoltaics and electric cars

In the case of a photovoltaic installation, there may be the so-called surplus energy produced. To put it simply, it is a situation where a household produces more energy than it is able to consume. If energy storeroom that can store the surplus is not installed, it will be “given back” to the power grid. Of course, you can use it at a later time, but then we will have to partially buy it from energy suppliers. How does it relate to electric cars?

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It is worth focusing on a home charging station that will use energy excess to power the car for the better use of accumulated energy. It’s a way ensuring the cheapest loading of our vehicle. Moreover, the use of renewable energy sources makes such a solution simply ecological.

Photovoltaics and electric cars

Some EV models have been equipped with the Vehicle to Home function, which allows you to use the stored energy also at home, provided we also have a two-way wallbox device. However, it is worth emphasizing that this is simply an alternative to classic energy storage rooms, which will not use 100% of the potential of this solution.

What if you already have a photovoltaic installation?

If you are considering installing a photovoltaic system and connecting it to an electric car charging station, with the help of specialists you will be able to create an efficient and functional system. But what if you already have a PV installation and are just thinking about buying an EV? All is not lost yet!


The existing photovoltaic system can be integrated with the EV charging station that is being installed. Most often it comes down to the modernization of the electrical connection and the purchase of additional cabling, but it is an investment that should definitely be considered. Integration will simply provide us with practically free charging of an electric car and it will fully use green energy straight from the sun in this process. Moreover, the use of e.g. wallbox, will significantly speed up the charging process and will have a positive impact on our experience with this process.

To sum up, in order to travel in an electric car in the cheapest way possible, it is worth considering combining the vehicle’s charging system with a photovoltaic installation. It is not only an economical solution, but also a very big step towards building a world of sustainable energy.