Whether you are going on a week-long, weekend, or one-day skiing trip, you will certainly have your electronic devices with you. To ensure uninterrupted access to a source of energy, you should consider taking a proven device with you, with which you will be able to easily charge your phone, tablet, or even a laptop. Meet the 5 electronic gadgets necessary for a skiing trip.

1. Powerbank, i.e. a handy source of energy

A powerbank will be particularly useful for a one-day skiing trip. You may encounter some small problems with access to the socket and fast charging your phone. It will also be useful for those of you who travel by bus or train – in these places, it is still difficult to find an efficient source of energy.

You might then consider putting a handy powerbank in your backpack – you will be able to take pictures of breath-taking views and listen to music on your way back home. You will also be sure that the battery will not suddenly drop dead when paying with your smartphone or when presenting your electronic ticket for inspection.

For a skiing trip – and more! – we recommend the Green Cell GC PowerPlay10s powerbank in particular. By choosing this model, you will gain up to 36 additional hours of device operation, and its durable construction will ensure the safe use of the powerbank in all conditions. PowerPlay10S has three ports: USB-C Power Delivery 18W and 2 USB-A Ultra Charge ports. With them, you can charge not only your smartphone, but also your iPad or Nintendo Switch.

2. Extra power in the car – the GC PowerRide charger

Navigation, a playlist prepared especially for the occasion of the trip, and all kinds of apps launched by the passengers – all this makes the journey easier, but efficiently reduces the charge level of the devices used. To avoid a quarrel over a power source that may ruin a family skiing trip, you might consider getting a car charger.

car charger

Of course, not just any! GC PowerRide has 3 high-speed USB-A ports with a total power of 54W. And so, it will power 3 independent devices at the same time, and more than this – it is up to 3.5 times faster than the standard! It is also a perfect solution for everyday use – a car charger will be useful both when driving around the city and for longer routes.

3. Multi USB charger – one source of energy for all your devices

If you are going on a longer trip and planning to stay overnight, you will have the opportunity to charge your devices through a traditional socket. However, you might want to save space in your backpack, and save the time needed to charge several devices one after another. A multifunctional USB charger will come to your aid!

usb charger

The GC ChargeSource 3 charger will charge up to 3 devices simultaneously. Thanks to three fast USB ports with a total power of 30W, you can power compatible devices in one go. This charger is equipped with a USB-A Ultra Charge port, which will charge the equipment up to 3.5 times faster – it’s a great option for a trip, but it will also work well at home.

4. Battery chargers

You certainly own devices powered by AA or AAA batteries. They might be used by a child’s toy, which, no matter where, and for how long you are going, must be in your inventory. And so, let’s take the hassle of discharged batteries away and get rechargeable batteries and a dedicated charger!

AA and AAA battery chargers

The GC VitalCharger with a set of rechargeable batteries (2xAA and 2xAAA) will solve the problem of dead batteries. The rechargeable batteries can be recharged, which is why they are the perfect solution not only for trips, but also for home use.

5. A portable socket for thrill seekers – a car converter

Maybe some of you are planning a longer journey by car to take delight in winter sports? If your skiing trip involves tens or even hundreds of kilometres of travel, you should consider taking a car converter with you.

a car converter

It is nothing more than a portable socket – the converter allows you to use electrical devices even away from an energy source. You can connect to it, for example, a laptop charger, and watch a movie during a stop and rest, or power your kettle and enjoy some hot tea. Additionally, the Green Cell converters have been equipped with a USB port, which allows you to also charge smaller devices: smartphones or tablets.

Regardless of whether your skiing trip lasts only a few hours or a few days – it is always a good idea to have a reliable source of additional energy!