Power bank is a versatile device that allows us to charge our phone, tablet or even a laptop. Many people, however, often wonder how to recharge the power bank itself, so that its battery can last as long as possible. In spite of appearances, it’s not enough to connect the device to a socket and wait until the value on the bar reaches 100 percent. Often, due to poor handling of the device, the battery runs out faster. This article will help you in safe and efficient use of your power banks.

How to charge a power bank?

The energy of a power bank is contained in lithium-ion or lithium-polymer cells, which store less and less energy with every successive charging and discharging cycle. However, it’s worth knowing that the way we charge it affects its long-term lifespan. The battery of the power bank can be charged at any time, but this isn’t always a good solution. If we won’t use the power bank in the near future, the optimal charge level limit will be 80% and this is the best way to store the device. And for this reason, it’s not good to leave the power bank plugged in for charging overnight. In other cases, however, when we know that the power bank will be in use, we can safely charge it to full level.

Energy can be supplied to a power bank in two ways. The first involves plugging the USB cable into a wall charger. This method allows for the fastest and trouble-free charging of the external battery. The alternative is to charge the power bank via a port located on a computer, but that’ll usually take much longer as the computer USB ports generate lower current (unless we have a special, separate port for fast charging, which is also common).

What should you pay special attention to when charging a power bank?

Below are some tips to keep your power bank in good shape:

  • For charging power banks, use only proven chargers with appropriate safeguards and adequate power.  Of course, you will find such models in our store.
  • Only use high-quality cables that support fast charging. You will of course find Lightning, Micro USB and USB-C cables in short and long versions in our store.
  • After purchasing a new power bank, it should be fully charged.

High-quality power banks have a number of safeguards, ensuring that the device retains its performance and functionality for a long time after the purchase. For those looking for modern external batteries, we advise checking out the latest Green Cell power banks, such as PowerPlay10 (it’ll allow you to have up to 36 hours of additional phone operation), which will easily meet the needs of a modern user.