You may think a phone charger can be replaced with virtually any other option. Unfortunately, that’s where you’re wrong. Such a mistake could even damage your phone. In the times of various fast charging technologies and increasingly demanding mobile devices, it’s important to choose the right product. What are the differences between available chargers?

In this article you will find out:

  • what types of phone chargers we know,
  • why it’s important to choose a proper charger,
  • how to find the right charger for your phone.

What charger to choose?

Chargers differ in more than one respect. What chargers can we choose from among?  We have come up with seven criteria you should note!

1. Wired or wireless?

A while ago the only available type was a wired charger. To recharge your phone battery, you had to plug it into the socket. Nowadays the choice is not that obvious. Wireless models have appeared, which can be permanently connected to a power source. And then you just put your phone on the device and the charging process will start.

Wireless chargers are a new trend, which is only becoming popular as we speak. Only some of the available phones come with the necessary charging receiver, which enables wireless charging. Other devices can’t use the electromagnetic field generated by the charger.

If you’re debating whether to choose a wired or wireless charger, consider the pros and cons of either solution. A wireless charger means you can forget about cables. This option is convenient and stylish. A wired charger makes it possible to use the phone while it’s charging, which might be difficult with a wireless model.

2. Number of USB ports

When you buy a new phone, you normally get a default charger, which includes a connector and a detachable USB cable. This product can be used to charge one device at a time. In specialist stores you can buy models with multiple ports. This means you can connect a few various USB cables to recharge a few devices at a time.

3. Fast charging 

One of the key differences between individual chargers are fast charge standards. More and more phones come with this functionality, which means you can replenish the battery in an instant. To this end, you need a proper charger, though. It must support one of the fast charge technologies, which needs to be compatible with the standard of your phone.

At the moment, nearly every major manufacturer of mobile phones can boast its own fast charge technology. The most popular standard is Quick Charge by Qualcomm – most standards by other brands are compatible with it. Things are getting complicated, though, when you try to connect such a charger to a phone that supports other standards. Manufacturers such as Huawei, Oppo or Lenovo have come up with their own fast charge technologies (Super Charge, Warp Charge, VOOC etc.), which are not supported by devices by other brands.

In order to choose a proper phone charger, please note which technology your device is compatible with. Unless you make the right choice, you won’t be able to recharge your phone in an instant and you may even jeopardise the functionality of the device itself. It’s best to choose a charger that supports a specific standard or a few standards, so that you can charge your phone safely.

charging phone with good charger

4. Amperage

Chargers also come with different technical parameters. The amperage usually ranges from 0.5 and 1.5 A, although you can also fine models with 2 A and more. The higher this figure, the faster the device should charge your phone. Theoretically. Because one thing you should remember is that the amperage of the charger must match the phone. The criteria you should look out for include maximum charging wattage of a mobile phone (it usually ranges from 10.5 to 22.5 W) and  other charging  parameters.

5. USB types

As we already mentioned, a wired charger includes a connector and a USB cable. Chargers may come with various USB cable types. When choosing a charger, have a look at the charging socket of your phone. USB-C plugs are the most popular, but once in a while you may also see products that use a traditional micro USB cable. And iPhone users are the only group to use Lightning plugs.

good charger with device on wooden desk

6. Quality and manufacturer

It’s good to remember that chargers also differ in quality, which is directly related to the individual components. The quality usually depends on the brand responsible for launching the product on the market. A charger is an accessory you will use in a variety of circumstances, so it’s important to choose a high-quality product, which will be robust, reliable and safe.

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