There are few things as annoying as a sudden loss of power. Fortunately, we have devices in our shop’s offer that can easily cope with this situation as well. We are of course talking about UPSs and inverters. How can we use them at home?

Providing heating thanks to the inverter

An inverter is an electronic device that changes the voltage coming from an automotive installation or directly from a battery. It converts direct current into alternating current allowing to supply energy to our devices. The most common application of the inverter is to connect it in the car and use the devices on the move. Of course, this equipment works well in such a situation but there is also another application. If there is a central heating pump in your house, you should think about protecting it against the lack of voltage. In case of a longer power failure, lack of hot water and especially lack of heating in winter is something we cannot afford.

For this task we recommend the inverter together with the AGM battery. The backup time will of course depend on the capacity of your battery – the bigger it is, the longer the backup time of heating will be. Most pumps draw about 30 W of power. Green Cell AGM battery with a capacity of 40 Ah, allows you to sustain the operation of the device even for 10 hours. During this time the failure will certainly be repaired. You will find it in our shop for 68.95 £.

UPS to keep the device running

For the electronics we have at home, UPS is a better solution. An uninterruptible power supply unit (UPS) is a device whose main function is to maintain voltage and ensure safe operation of devices in case of a power failure. In case of power failure, the device automatically starts to supply energy from the connected batteries. This device is capable of sustaining power for several minutes depending on the power consumption of the connected equipment and battery capacity. When working on a desktop computer, a sudden loss of power can cause data loss. We are writing a project throughout the evening, for which we are about to miss the deadline. Suddenly the computer goes out – it turns out that there is no power. After fixing the failure, we try to fire the file, but it did not save… We have to start all over again. Thanks to the UPS we receive a notification of a power outage, which allows us to save the progress and safely turn off the device.

It is also worth remembering about emergency power supply for increasingly popular NAS servers. They allow us to store our photos, films, music and documents. With UPS we can safely turn it off without fear of losing valuable data.

The power supply can also save us from more serious expenses. LCD TVs are very sensitive to sudden power outages, which can lead to damage to the device and expensive repairs. 

Forewarned is forearmed

As you can see, thanks to the converters and UPSs, power cuts are not terrible for us. It is worth taking care of safety of the devices we use every day. In our shop you will find a wide range of these products from Green Cell brand. We are convinced that each of you will find an optimal offer for yourself!

Author: Michał Bródka