Remote working is a convenience that more and more people, who do their work mainly at the computer, could afford. Thanks to the possibility of teleconferences, friendly cloud systems and communication applications, it turns out that at home you can work as effectively as at work! Today we will tell you how best to prepare for work from home.

1. The right battery for your laptop

Although working from home we don’t have to worry about not having access to an electrical outlet, the outlet is not always where we need it most. When we feel like working in bed, for example, we will need a decent battery. This is known mainly by users of several-year-old laptops, who with nostalgia recall the times when they could work freely on a battery for up to 5-6 hours.

Buying a new battery allows you to restore this state, and if you appreciate working without a plug-in plug, even much longer than on a new, original battery. Using the Green Cell PRO battery with Samsung cells, we can achieve about 20% longer operating time, and Green Cell ULTRA series batteries on Panasonic or LG cells even 50%. It is worth noting that this more comfortable work does not mean a bigger battery or a heavier laptop. PRO and ULTRA batteries achieve longer operating time thanks to the use of cells with higher capacity.

However, if the long working time is of the utmost importance to us, it is also worth considering a battery enlarged with additional cell packs. Such a battery is, of course, already slightly larger, but it can allow for even twice as long working time as a standard battery. You can read more about the different battery variants for laptops in the article “Double the battery life – see how you can do it?”

2. Laptop charger

Another important device is simply a laptop charger. If the current one has had its best years and is only charging when the plug is bent properly – it’s high time to buy a new model. After all, we don’t want to allow for a scenario when in the middle of the day during an important project the power supply finally refuses to cooperate. So let’s be reasonable and get a new charger before this moment comes. A good reason to buy a power supply may also be the fact that it allows you to travel from your workplace only with your laptop, not all its equipment. If you’d like to find out how to get a power supply for your laptop, check out this article.

If you have one of the newer MacBooks or other laptops charged by the USB-C Power Delivery, Green Cell GC Power Source can be a very useful device to replace all the other chargers you use every day. Power Source allows you to charge your laptop with 60 watts from USB-C PD and 3 other devices at once. 

3. UPS

If we don’t work on a laptop, our workflow and the safety of our equipment are unfortunately threatened by the whims of the power supply. Any power failures, jumps and drops in voltage may not only cause the computer to shut down, but in the worst case, damage it, and thus damage important data. The UPS will help to avoid any faults associated with power supply problems.

How does it work? Plug the uninterruptible power supply into an outlet and the computer into the power supply. In the event of a power failure or voltage fluctuation, the device stabilizes or completely takes over the computer’s power. This way we can be sure that the computer is working properly, and in case of a power failure, we can safely stop working and turn off the device. 

We wish you peaceful and fruitful remote work!

Fully equipped, we can focus on work in peace. For optimal comfort, all you need is a bathrobe, coffee and your favourite music – as loud as you want it to be, without worrying that your open space colleagues don’t share your musical tastes 😉.

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Author: Krzysztof Wołongiewicz