In recent weeks you could read on our blog how to prepare for remote work and how to deal with the situation when there is no easily accessible outlet in our favorite workplace. Continuing this series of entries, we are talking about accessories that are worth having in your home office.

There are different types of people, some of them need a comfortable pillow to work from home, which you can lean on while lying on the bed. Others, on the other hand, without a stand with many monitors from the batman’s cave, cannot imagine a home office.

The fact is, however, that the lack of the right tools for work can have a negative impact on our productivity, so when we choose the right place for our workstation at home, it is worth taking care of its equipment. We are not talking about ordering a mouse pad that matches the color of the LED backlight of the keyboard to improve feng shui – it’s procrastination. Apart from obvious suggestions like a notebook, a pen or your favorite coffee/tea cup, we will focus on devices that will help you work more comfortably.

USB hubs

When your work involves connecting multiple devices, such as a printer, monitor, mouse, keyboard or even a memory card, it’s worthwhile to get a USB hub. Many laptop companies are reducing the number of available ports on their models year after year, making it a challenge to use many basic devices at once. An extreme case in the market may be the example of Apple’s laptop computers, the manufacturer has assigned only one USB-C port for users outside the charging port. Fortunately, there are solutions such as the GreenCell Connect60 8w1 hub that will turn 2 (or 4, depending on version) USB ports into the 8 most useful ones.

Such an adapter is also worth having if our computer has all the ports we need – it will allow us to control the cables, so your laptop will not look like a postmodern octopus. For such solutions we especially recommend HUB Green Cell GC HUB2 6in1 – it also has an RJ45 port which will provide a fast and stable connection to the Internet – not only during work and video conferences, but also during playing or streaming movies.

Multi-port charger

When we are at the number of cables, it is also worth noting the number of chargers that surround our workplaces. A charger for your phone, tablet, laptop and we already have a small minefield, without pulling the power strip through the room there will be no need… or maybe still! The Green Cell GC PowerSource 4-port charger will power 4 devices at once. With the Power Delivery port, it can charge all USB Type C ultrabooks and tablets with 60W of power, including MacBook Pro 13 / 15, Dell XPS 13 / 15, Huawei MateBook X Pro, iPad Pro 11″ / 12.9″. In addition, it has an Ultra Charge port that can charge a standard phone to 70% of its battery capacity within 30 minutes. The advantage is also the detachable power cord at the back – you won’t have to crawl under your desk every time you want to plug in a new device or move with your computer to another room.

Induction chargers

For many people, working from home means an increased load on the phone. Things that companies usually do with face-to-face meetings can turn into many phone calls when you work remotely. In this case, it’s a good idea to equip your office with an induction charger – such as the Green Cell GC AirJuice. This allows us to conveniently charge your phone, and with lots of calls you don’t have to unplug the phone from the cable – you just pick up and put it down and the phone charges. It will also save you the time you normally spend looking for and bending over the plug, not to mention preventing damage to the charging port, which can poorly handle the increased number of uses. With its modern design, the charger looks elegant and fits into any home office.

As you can see, organizing the workplace at home is a challenge when you decide to work remotely. Not everyone has the opportunity to organize their home office like a workstation in an office, but there are many solutions that will help us to focus and achieve our goals.

Author: Jakub Czyż