The ability to recharge quickly is a must for almost any of our devices. Today, mobile devices are used more frequently than ever. The ability to charge your phone or laptop in minutes rather than hours is an option that allows you to better fit your daily schedule. With fast chargers that support Power Delivery technology, you no longer have to waste time watching your battery bar grow lazy. USB-C Power Delivery is a modern standard that provides maximum port functionality.

What is Power Delivery?

Power Delivery is a charging standard using the USB-C port. The most important feature of this technology is that it allows you to charge both small devices such as phones, tablets, consoles (Nintendo Switch), bluetooth headphones and laptops. Thanks to the Power Delivery standard, the chargers have gained unprecedented versatility.

The PD technology allows for constant configuration of the charging current and voltage – thanks to that the chargers will always charge with the maximum possible current. In short, when you connect a device that supports this technology, the system determines the current to power the battery itself. The result of this intelligent solution is that you can use a single charger for multiple devices without worrying about the safety of the battery.

An increasingly common standard

Power Delivery is used in virtually every new mobile device. This technology allows you to get rid of many different chargers, each of which was designed to charge specific equipment and replace them with one. Thanks to the PD, one charger is enough to power all modern devices used in everyday life efficiently, quickly and safely. A perfect example of such a device is Green Cell GC Power Source – a charger that can replace all other devices we use every day. Power Delivery is a standard worthy of the 21st century, which greatly facilitates charging all our devices.

Author: Leszek Jasiński