The chargers have become an inseparable companion of each and every one of us. Charging your phone, laptop, wristband, smartphone, ebook reader and many different devices often involves having many charging devices. However, we know that this unpleasant fact can be minimized. That’s why our shop offers a range of mains chargers, which can boldly replace even a few standard power supplies.

On the list we have chosen the most popular and, in our opinion, the best models that you will find in the Battery Empire.

Quick Charge chargers

Let’s start with chargers that support QC fast charging. This is still the most popular way to charge most phones. For our list we have chosen two Green Cell items that support this power format.

Green Cell 3xUSB 30W AC Charger

Are you looking for a power adapter that can charge three devices at once and fits in your pocket? This is the charger for you. Three USB-A ports, including one that supports Quick Charge 3.0, allow us to power three devices at the same time and much faster than standard power supply. The other ports support Smart Charge technology – they charge up to 2.4 A. All these factors, combined with an affordable price, make this charger invariably popular and appreciated by customers.

Green Cell 5xUSB 52W desktop charger

Three ports is not enough for you? That’s okay, there’s also a larger version of the charger in our shop. Five ports with a total power of up to 52W, including one supporting Quick Charge 3.0 charging, is certainly able to meet the expectations of even the most demanding users.

Power Delivery Chargers

An increasingly common charging technology is Power Delivery – this technology uses a USB-C port. This standard appears in almost every new smartphone and many laptops. As with QC charging, Green Cell has also developed power supplies that support this format. Below you will find two models we have selected.

Green Cell USB-C 30W charger with QC 3.0 port

The first presented device is a charger with two ports – one is the already known Quick Charge 3.0 port and the other is USB-C. It allows charging in Power Delivery standard up to 30W. This is enough to power smartphones as well as smaller laptops – Macbook 12 is an example. Additionally, a USB-C to USB-C cable of 2 meters length is included. All this makes this model combine high quality of use with comfort.

Green Cell USB-C 60W charger

The second USB-C charger presented in this set is a 60W model. High power of this product causes that it supports the vast majority of devices available on the market using charging in the Power Delivery standard. This technology provides the fastest secure charging for compatible devices – both phones and laptops with much more power required (such as Macbook Pro 13 and Dell XPS 15). As with the previous item, a 2 metre USB-C to USB-C cable is also included.

Green Cell GC Power Source

But what if you have a MacBook or other laptop with USB-C Power Delivery as well as an iPhone lightning and micro USB e-book reader? Are we doomed to a few chargers? The answer to these questions is the latest Green Cell product – Power Source. This inconspicuous looking device has a power of 75W. Here you will find three USB-A ports, one of which of course supports Ultra Charge, as well as a USB-C port charging with Power Delivery format up to a maximum power of 60W. Thanks to this one (small and lightweight) device can replace all other chargers. For example, with Power Source we can simultaneously charge your laptop, phone, smartphone and ebook reader.

Charging dizziness

The number of everyday appliances and therefore the number of chargers needed to power them can make you dizzy. Different speeds, charging technologies and port types – manufacturers definitely don’t make the task any easier. We hope this article will make it easier for you to find the right charger for your needs. All the models included in the text can be found on our website 🙂.

Author: Michał Bródka