We usually handle our favorite smartphones with caution, but it can always happen that your hand shakes and the equipment starts to fall down the screen in slow motion. At best, you will be greeted with a scratch (hopefully not diagonally), at worst, the screen will be cracked, and that equates to expensive repairs or often replacing the whole phone. In response to this, Green Cell has created Clarity’s GC Clarity safety glasses.

The safety glass is an essential complement to a modern smartphone, without which the equipment is unnecessarily exposed to damage. They protect not only from the effects of falls, but also scratches resulting from everyday use, such as scratches with keys or small objects in your pocket.

GC Clarity – safety and full freedom of work

Clarity’s protective glasses are specially shaped. The 3D and 2.5D technology allows for a perfect fit to the curves of the phone, so that the glass covers the entire screen, and you can be sure that every millimetre of surface is properly protected.

In addition to protecting the smartphone from damage, these models allow for a fully comfortable use thanks to the oleophobic coating eliminating streaks. Thanks to this, the phone is not only better handled, but it also retains its proper aesthetics.

Convenience in using the phone is more than just its speed and technological capabilities, it is also the awareness that the equipment is not threatened by dynamic operation, such as running, cycling, etc. The phone is also a personal business card – it must present itself properly in every situation without affecting the image of the user.

Inexpensive protection of valuable equipment

A secure screen means you know that your phone will perform efficiently and stay in good shape visually. A glass is a small expense, which will allow you to protect equipment worth even several thousand pounds.

We invite everyone who is looking for glasses perfectly matched to modern smartphones to get acquainted with the Clarity GC series. The offer includes glasses for Apple iPhone, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi smartphones.

Author: Leszek Jasiński