You probably connect your phone to the charger every day. Even if the battery lasts longer, you will still be using the charger and a USB cable a few times a week. Since the charger cable is so often used, it means you need a high quality products. In this post we will have a look at phone charger cable types, in order to answer the question what to look out for when buying one.

In this article you will find out:

  • why it’s important to have a good charging cable,
  • what types of charging cables we have,
  • what you should look out for when choosing a phone charging cable.

Why do you need a good charging cable?

How do you feel when you forget to take your phone charger with you on a trip? You start to worry your phone might be dead during the day, right? It’s just as bad if the charging cable breaks. If you want to avoid it, you need a strong cable, which will resist intense wear.

Modern chargers are multifunctional accessories, which normally include an electric plug and a removable USB cable. The modular construction means you can use the same cable for other purposes, too – for example, you can connect the phone to an external device like a laptop or the on-board computer in your car.

A reliable USB cable is absolutely essential for any mobile device to function properly. What is more, this piece will also affect the total of your experience related to using and charging your phone. Learn more about cable types and see which one will be best for you!

charging phone with usb cabel

Types of USB charging cables

Phone charging cables can be classified according to a number of criteria. The most important feature is the plug type. Phone cables may come with the following connectors:

  • Micro USB type B – the most popular phone charging cable. It is rectangular, with bevelled upper corners, which means there is only one way to plug it in. This type is characteristic of most mobile devices – not only phones, but also tablets, MP3 players or e-readers.
  • USB type C – a new plug designed in order to make sure all ports are uniform and to eliminate the problem of choosing the right connector. The plug is oblong, with curved corners – it looks the same on both sides. This means whichever way you connect it, it will be fine. Type C is becoming increasingly popular and is slowly pushing out micro-USB. With this plug you can recharge devices that need more power.
  • Lightning – connector type designed by Apple. It is flat, sleek and can be connected on both sides. It only works with Apple devices –  iPhones, iPads, etc.

phone charger cable types

What to look out for when choosing a phone charging cable?

When planning to buy a charging cable, the first thing to bear in mind is the connector type, as described above. But there is more to it. What other criteria should you consider?

  • Cable length – the longer the cable, the more freedom you have when choosing where to recharge your phone. A 2 – 3 m cable means you will have convenient access to your device whether you recharge it at home or in the car. On the other hand, storing a long cable might be a problem. You are well advised to adjust this parameter to your needs.
  • Standard – the technology used in the cable affects its performance. At the moment, the most popular cables are USB 3.1, which prove to be better than USB 2.0 or even 3.0.
  • Fast charging  – it’s not enough if your phone has the fast charging option. You will also need a proper cable compatible with Quick Charge/Power Delivery/Fast Charge/TurboPower/SuperCharge. Each of these technologies is used by a different brand, but all of them are designed to reduce the time needed to recharge your device.
  • Outer shell – instead of going for rubber insulation, choose durable polypropylene with Kevlar fibres, to make sure the cable is stronger. Such cables won’t bend or break.
  • Extras  – did you know that Battery Empire offers LED charging cables? Colourful LEDs will make it easier for you to connect the phone to the charger even when it’s dark!
  • Brand and warranty – the better the brand, the more reliable the product. This is reflected in long warranty periods, e.g. in  USB cables  by Green Cell.

usb cables


When choosing a cable, consider all of the above criteria as well as your actual needs, in order to pick a product that fulfils your expectations.

If you need a phone charging cable, explore the products available in our online store, where you can find high quality cables for the most popular phone models! And these are not the only products you may need – if you have problems charging your phone, you may want to pick a spare battery or a charger at Battery Empire. Shop for the essentials to make sure you have all you need! 🙂