Every laptop battery will become depleted after some time. It can lose its capacity or stop working altogether. It may also happen that you get the message: “plluged in – not charging, which means that the battery does not store energy even though it’s connected to the power supply. Explore all the reasons behind this problem and find the ways to solve it!

In this article you will find out:

  • why your laptop battery won’t charge,
  • what to do if the laptop is not charging,
  • how to choose a good replacement battery.

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Why your laptop battery won’t charge. A range of possible reasons

The reasons why your laptop battery won’t charge may be related to:

  • the power supply,
  • the charging socket,
  • the electric socket,
  • the battery.

There are a few symptoms that may draw your attention to possible issues with charging. First of all, you need to watch out for when exactly the battery stopped storing energy. Is it completely discharged and now the device won’t start even though it’s connected to the power supply? Or maybe it runs low, with a few per cent of battery life, but the battery level remains constant even though it should be charging? Another indication of what kind of problem you might be facing is the error message you get after connecting the laptop to the power supply.

what to do if the laptop is not charging

What to do when the laptop battery won’t charge?

Before you try to solve the problem, you need to know exactly what it is. Start with the diagnosis. To do it, complete the following steps:

Connect your laptop to another electric socket

This is to check whether anything is wrong with the electric socket you use to recharge your laptop. Try plugging in another device and see if it starts to charge. You can also test the charger by connecting  it to another power outlet. If it turns out the problem is somewhere in your electric grid, you will have to replace the multiple socket outlet or consult an electrician. Good news is that your laptop is not at fault!

Restart your laptop

This is one of the most popular solutions used in most computer-related issues. Whether or not it helps in this case, it’s still worth trying. Disconnect your laptop from the power supply and restart it with the battery in and without it (provided it’s removable). It’s likely that the system will come back to life after it’s relaunched and then the battery charge indicator should be displayed properly.

Reinstall the battery driver

The issue might be more serious, though. Windows may no longer be compatible with your laptop battery after a series of failed updates or other software amendments. In this case, it’s enough to reinstall the battery drivers. To this end, launch the Device Manager in your laptop and right-click on the item titled “Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery.” Choose “Uninstall.” Once you have restarted your laptop, the driver should reappear and this time it will probably be working.

Test another power supply

If the above methods were not successful in providing a diagnosis of your issue, have a closer look at the power supply – the charger you use with your computer. The plug may be damaged or dirty. Make sure the charger is not damaged. To be sure, try connecting another charger to your laptop – one you know is working. If it works, you know what to blame! In this case, it’s enough to choose a new laptop charger

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Clean the contacts

If it’s not the electric socket, not the system and not the charger, you have only two options left. The first – and the less likely – one is a dirty charging socket or battery contacts. The other one is a depleted battery, which needs to be replaced. In order to make sure which one it is, clean all the contacts and the charging socket to remove the dust. If it doesn’t help, you have to come to terms with the inevitable: it’s time to get a new laptop battery.

How to choose a good replacement battery?

If you need a new battery, first check out the label on the original one. This will help you find the right replacement. In order to be sure the new product is compatible with your laptop, you can also verify the voltage and capacity. The former must correspond to the parameter of the existing battery, while the latter may be higher – provided the shape, size and distribution of battery contacts match your laptop.

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