We have recently informed you about the premiere of the latest product from Green Cell – PowerNest. This home energy storage will perfectly complement the photovoltaic installation. But let’s take a closer look at the details – get to know 5 reasons why you should have it at home!

Energy storage facilities are used to accumulate the surplus produced by the PV installation and to store electricity collected directly from the power grid (for example, at night, when the tariff is cheaper). Such a solution therefore increases the profitability of the PV installation and allows you to enjoy lower electricity bills. What does it look like in practice and what are the real benefits of having the GC PowerNest?

Firstly: A stable power supply 

The panels do not generate the same amount of energy all the time. Their performance depends, among other things, on the time of the day or year. For example: the panels do not work at night, because they have no place to get energy from, but they work on cloudy and rainy days. Their performance drops then, but we are not dealing with a complete lack of the electricity generation.

gc powernest energystorage

Thanks to the GC PowerNest you will get a stable power supply for your devices. The energy collected in it will allow you to power your home appliances at night or during a power grid failure.

Secondly: Independence

On the most sunny days, more than half of the energy produced by the panels may end up in the grid as a surplus. This happens when the household’s electricity requirement is lower than the production of the photovoltaic system. The energy which we will not use ends up in the power grid, which stores it for us and makes it available when we need it. However, the network will not return the entire amount – you will get back 80% within a year. The rest will be charged as an energy storage fee.

energy source powernest

The ability to manage the produced energy at the household level is the first step towards becoming independent from the power grid. Additionally, in the event of the aforementioned failure – your house will enjoy constant access to power supply.

Thirdly: Savings

The possibility of accumulating the produced energy and managing it according to your own needs is a way of saving. You can minimise the electricity bills up to 0 PLN! If the PowerNest collects the energy from the sun on an ongoing basis and makes it available to power your devices, you will create a highly efficient system. You will gain independence from the external power supply and significantly reduce the costs of the electricity.

energy storage

Fourthly: Ecology 

The electricity produced by the PV cells is clean electricity. The modules used in photovoltaic installations do not emit carbon dioxide or other gases which are harmful to the environment. Being able to store energy and use it to power your appliances even when you are away or at night is simply a relief for the planet. Your home becomes eco-friendly and uses only clean energy.

gc powernest energy storage

Fifthly: The full potential of the installation

All of the above aspects make the GC PowerNest allow you to fully exploit the potential of your photovoltaic installation. You will not only get an independent power supply for your devices, but also reduce your electricity bills and give the planet a breather.

If you are considering installing the device in your home, remember that our team is ready to provide you with expert advice and will be happy to answer all the questions you may have!