The popularity of e-bikes is growing from season to season. It’s no wonder – with battery support, we can take a longer route without much effort. But you may be wondering how to increase the range of your electric bike? We have prepared some simple tips for you!

In this article you will learn:

  • What does range depend on in an e-bike?
  • How to increase the range of an electric bike?
  • How to extend the battery life of an e-bike?

What does the e-bike range depend on?

Each e-bike battery that powers a bike should have a specific range in eco and turbo mode. Based on these values, we can determine the estimated time in which we will be able to cover a specific route. However, we need to take into account external factors that may affect the actual range of the bike. What are these factors?

How to increase the range of an electric bike

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We are talking about shaping the terrain on which you intend to ride on. The surface can shorten the range of an e-bike. Why? If the route is demanding and challenging to traverse, the battery will consume more power to overcome it. The size of the tires, the wind force, or even the weight of the cyclist should also be considered. However, a significant reduction in the range mainly applies to extreme conditions – e.g., when you intend to ride an electric bike on mountain paths.

Daily, the range is most influenced by the selected mode (eco or turbo) and the general conditions of the battery. There are also ways to increase the range of your e-bike or maintain it at the desired level. How can you do that?

how to increase the range of an electric bike

How to increase the range of an electric bike?

  1. Choose the optimal mode. Do away with turbo mode when not necessary and use eco mode more often.

  2. Use the gears. Do not use the assist mode as a substitute.

  3. Ensure optimum tyre pressure.

  4. Start in the lowest gear and shift up as you accelerate.

  5. Charge the battery to the e-bike at room temperature. Avoid powering the bike in freezing weather and do not expose it to sunlight during charging.

  6. Avoid operating high gears when going downhills.

  7. If possible, avoid heavy luggage. Extra weight on the e-bike results in higher energy consumption.

How to extend the battery life of an electric bike? 

Now that we’ve explained how to extend the range of an electric bike, it’s worth considering what factors will positively affect the battery life of an e-bike. A well-maintained battery guarantees more extended service life, and in this case – more kilometres travelled on the bike. What should we keep in mind?

  1. Charge your battery after every ride.
  2. Use the original charger provided by the battery or bike manufacturer.

  3. 3. try to charge your battery often enough – we recommend that you plug it in after every ride.

  4. Only store the battery in a dry place with an above-freezing temperature.

  5. Do not expose the bike to extreme temperatures – avoid leaving it in a hot place or freezing conditions.

  6. Keep the battery and connectors of the mounting bracket clean.

  7. Do not leave the battery empty for an extended time. This can reduce its capacity and thus its range.

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