When choosing a company car we focus primarily on reliability, comfort, and convenience. The issue of car models included in the company fleet is highly significant for all company employees who will use them. Therefore, let’s check whether electrical cars should be included in a company fleet.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a company car?

When choosing company cars, we should start by determining their purpose. It’s important because a key matter for one company may not be so important for a different one. Therefore, it is worth thinking about, for example, what will be more important – a vehicle’s price or its comfort. One should also determine the travelled distances and frequency of trips. Thanks to this we can better determine the actual needs of the company.

EV as a company car

One of the most significant issues is, of course, safety. A company car should be characterized by a very low failure frequency as well as functions that help the driver to reach the destination without experiencing unplanned difficulties. And electric cars are full of such systems. These may include automatic emergency braking, lane assist, detecting vehicles in the blind spot, adjusting the intensity and direction of lights, and even AI support in terms of daily trips in the form of smart maps or autonomous driving. Furthermore, many manufacturers allow tracking the car’s location via GPS. This also means a higher level of safety and makes it easier to settle company trips.

electric cars battery charging

Another significant factor having an impact on choosing a car consists in its reliability. From a fleet manager’s perspective this is an extremely important aspect because purchasing models characterized by a low failure frequency will significantly low exploitation expenses. This is also a following argument in favour of electric cars. EV vehicles are definitely less burdensome in terms of use, if only due to the lack of need to exchange the oil and many other wear components.

Of course, one cannot forget about costs that often limit the selection of company cars. Importantly, when calculating the costs of company cars, one should take into consideration not only the sole purchase and leasing but also expenses associated with the use, insurance, taxes, and fuel.

EV as a company car

We’ve determined that a company car should be safe, reliable, functional, and cost efficient, or at least should not put the company at risk of high expenses. Is it possible to have it all? Of course! But let’s first verify why the comfort of company travels is such an important element that has an impact on many other factors.

Why is the comfort of company travels so important?

Travels, also company ones, can be exhausting. The well-being and efficiency of an employee are negatively impacted by traffic jams, problems with finding parking spots in the city, and simply the street turmoil.

Every business meeting should be carries out in the possibly best atmosphere, and the manner in which we present ourselves and feel has a huge impact on the general way the company is perceived by third parties. This in turn has an obvious impact on the course of a transaction. That is why in order to meet professional obligations in the best possible way and stand out with impeccable presentation, travelling in a company car should have the least impact on an employee and simply be pleasant.

wallbox for hybrid car

An electric car will definitely ensure this due to the basically silent engine which allows for a quiet and pleasant ride. This translates into improving travelling conditions for the driver and passenger, and thus better well-being, mood, and presentation. As the technologies of autonomous driving and AI support develop perhaps it won’t even be necessary for company representatives to drive company cars?

As for today, when it comes to the more pleasant advantages, it is worth emphasizing that electric cars can park in spots unavailable for traditional cars – in the cities there are more and more zones reserved for zero-emission vehicles. If we frequently travel to meet clients in large cities, it is worth taking this issue into consideration.

EV as a company car?

Moreover, electric cars are characterized by a low failure frequency. The engine includes much fewer elements that can fail. The construction of the sole engine is generally also simple, which means that the risk of a failure in an electric car is simply lower. When it comes to company cars, this of course also works in favour of the discussed solution.

electric car

Charging electric cars won’t be problematic. An office parking lot is a good place to install a Wallbox which can be used to connect a car so that it is always ready for travel. On the other hand, a mobile EV charger will work great on the road. Additionally, taking into consideration the entire period of time of using a car, the operational costs related to purchasing EV are simply lower than in the case of a vehicle with a traditional engine.

Therefore, an electric car constitutes the perfect solution for any enterprise for which company travels concern mainly meetings with partners, participating in various events, or regional sales.

A following advantage of choosing an electric car for the fleet of company cars consists, of course, in environmental issues. Unlike traditional cars, EV vehicles do not generate toxic fumes. Additionally, if a company takes advantage of photovoltaic solutions that can be used to charge vehicles, then the car becomes environmentally neutral.

Summing up, EV as a company car is a really great investment. Low failure frequency, high comfort of travel, and environmental neutrality are all factors that work in its favour.