A smartphone with a depleted battery is surely bad news. Whether you’re at work or on holiday, you want a full battery to feel at ease. No wonder that power banks became essential if you want to recharge your mobile device wherever you go. Although these gadgets are rather simple, you need to remember about a few basic rules to make sure they will last a long time and remain reliable. How to take care of your power bank?

In this article you will find out:

  • how to charge your power bank,
  • how to protect it from damage,
  • how to use power banks to make them last longer,
  • why it’s so important to have a power bank.

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How to charge your power bank?

It’s only natural that while you carry a power bank with you, you expect a maximum level of energy. That’s why it might be tempting to keep the device 100% charged at all times. Unfortunately, this would be bad for most of the available models. If you connect your power bank to the energy source too often, their capacity will suffer  and diminish with time. That’s why it’s best to wait until the energy level is at its lowest and then recharge the power bank.

But don’t wait until the device is completely dead. This is just as bad as keeping it 100% charged all the time. You should also remember to avoid situations when the power bank is connected to the power source long after it’s charged. This way the device will not be able to store the energy. Such procedure will only reduce its effectiveness.

Make sure you always use a high-quality charger. It might be risky to use cables of uncertain origin.

How to store a power bank?

Temperature is one of the most detrimental factors to any power bank. You probably know that a phone battery is dead in a moment when it’s freezing outside. The same is true of power banks. On the other hand, it’s important to avoid keeping them in hot temperatures, to avoid  overheating the device. Don’t leave your power bank in the sun – it’s best to keep it in a dry, shaded place, for example in a drawer.

Make sure you use your power bank once in a while. Even if you don’t need it at the moment, retrieve it from the drawer, drain and recharge it. Extended idle period may be harmful.

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How to protect your power bank from damage?

You should also remember about a few basic rules on how to use your power bank when you’re away from home. Although the best models are robust sturdy and made of durable materials, they might still break when dropped on a hard surface. That’s why it’s best to choose a proper case for your power bank. A case will mitigate the harmful effects of dust, dirt or humidity. It will also protect the device from mechanical damage.

But even if you do use a case, you still have to be handle a power bank with care. Don’t throw it about, place heavy objects on it or keep it near liquids or sharp items. Try to carry the device in a separate compartment in your bag or backpack.

Power bank cases available in our online store are not only durable, but they also boost the functionality of your device. At the same time, they are stylish accessories that come in a range of vivid colours you can match to your favourite outfits.

Power bank as an must-have

Power bank is one of the contemporary essentials. Each mobile device you own – a phone, tablet or laptop – runs on a Li-Ion battery, which is rather quickly depleted. If you want to sustain the battery life, you need to be able to recharge it at any time. And this is precisely what power banks are for.

Modern power banks will win your heart with their impressive capacity. It might be more than 20 000 mAh, which means you can recharge your laptop battery and still have enough power left to charge smaller devices. All this is done with the most popular USB connection, which makes a power bank an ultimately versatile device.

The best thing about power bank is that you can use it at work and while you’re on the go. You can take it along on a bike trip, when travelling on business or while playing your favourite games away from home. With this private energy bank you have uninterrupted access to your key mobile devices wherever you are.

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Power banks in Battery Empire

If you’re looking for a reliable power bank you can count on even in the most demanding conditions, explore the wide range of these devices available in our online store. You will find models designed for charging smartphones and tablets, but also some intended for more advanced purposes, such as recharging laptops. Order a power bank that suits your needs and always be sure you have all the energy you need!