1 kWh/100 km is what an electric bicycle uses. The answer to the question whether e-bike will pay off if it is used for driving to and from work instead of a car is one – very much. An electric bike is a wide range of savings – time, car cushioning, nerves (no need to stand in traffic jams). How long does it keep the battery for e-bique? This is a difficult question, because everything depends on the type of battery, its capacity and operation. Driving slowly, at an economical pace, an electric bicycle will allow you to travel even 100km. However, you can’t count on travelling around Poland on one charging cycle.

A standard battery can withstand about 1000 full cycles – that is, full discharge and recharge. If we adopt one cycle per week and natural wear and tear of the cells over time, the battery’s life can be as long as 10 years when riding sparing the bike.

Battery type and number of cycles

Battery life depends on what it is made of and what cells are used. It is clearly impossible to determine how many cycles each type of battery will be able to withstand. Capacity decreases depend on the chemicals used for production, the number of cycles, the method of charging and discharging, storage conditions and many other variable factors.


Extending battery life

However, the battery life of an e-bike can be extended by taking care of it. What should you pay attention to?

  • Battery temperature – the battery will warm up during operation and this cannot be avoided. Most lithium-ion batteries have protection against overheating, deep discharge and overcharging. Do not exceed a temperature of 65 degrees Celsius while driving, as the cells start to wear out much faster.
  • Storage of batteries – if you intend not to use e-bique for a long time, it is worth taking care that its battery is not fully charged. Halving the battery is the optimal level for storing the battery at rest.
  • Charging the battery – You don’t have to recharge the batteries always fully. The life of the battery is extended by charging it to about 80%.

Battery performance varies, depending on driving intensity, charge level and how long the battery is already in use. The performance experiment will test how long the battery in the e-bikeu will last, depending on the daily route, the pace of the ride and changing weather conditions.

Author: Leszek Jasiński