Everybody knows you shouldn’t eat or drink while sitting in front of your computer. But how many of us really stick to this rule? Even if you try to avoid it, you have to admit that coffee or tea are constantly there while you’re at work. And it’s not a problem, until your favourite beverage happens to spill on your keyboard. What should you do to save your equipment?

In this article you will find out:

  • what to avoid when your keyboard is flooded,
  • what to do in this situation,
  • how to choose a new keyboard for your laptop.

Close up portrait of a young woman working on laptop and writing, holding a glass of orange juice.

A moment of distraction and heaps of trouble

Flooding a keyboard  is one of the most frequent ‘accidents’ you might experience while working on your computer. All you need is a moment of distraction. Unfortunately, it might be rather costly. A liquid spilt on the keyboard is risky not only in the case of a laptop, but also if you’re working on a desktop.

If you do experience a broken keyboard, the key thing is a quick and deliberate reaction. Unless you make one of the grave mistakes, you will probably be able to save the keyboard and even if not – you will minimise your losses. Read on to learn more!

Broken keyboard – what to avoid?

Let’s start with a few tips on what to avoid once your keyboard is flooded. First of all – don’t shake the device. This could cause the liquid to spread faster. Secondly – don’t feel tempted to use a hairdryer to fix the problem. The result will be exactly the same – the liquid will be blown all over the surface of your device. Thirdly – never try cleaning the keyboard while it’s still connected to the source of power.

cleaning flooded keyboard

Flooded keyboard – what shall I do?

If you happen to spill some liquid on your keyboard, don’t panic. First of all, turn the computer off and disconnect it from the power source: shut down the system in the Start menu, so as to avoid losing your data, and then disconnect the device. It is particularly important to remember about these steps if you’re using an integrated laptop keyboard. If the device is connected via a USB cable, it’s enough to disconnect it from the port. If you spill a liquid on a wireless keyboard, just switch it off and proceed.

Disconnecting your computer from the power source will prevent short circuit, which could be a disaster even for the motherboard. Then the losses would be much more serious than just a broken keyboard. Remember to switch off the power strip or use the on/off button at the back.

When electricity is no longer an issue, quickly turn the keyboard upside down, so that the liquid can leak outside. You can help yourself by wiping the keys with an absorbent paper towel  or a soft cloth. This should be enough if the liquid that spilt on the keyboard was water or unsweetened tea. Because you should know that sugar is bad not only for your teeth…

If the keyboard is flooded with a sticky substance, you need to clean all the keys. To do it, carefully remove all the keys by wedging them with your finger. You can also use something flat, like a screwdriver or a knife. Then wash the keys with water mixed with detergent, and wipe the keyboard surface with distilled water. You can also use isopropyl alcohol. Once all the elements are completely dry, put the keys back on the keyboard in their original positions.

And now a moment of truth: when the keyboard  is already clean and dry, you can reconnect it to your computer to see whether it’s still working. If you flooded your laptop, try switching it back on now. Keep using the device as usual, but pay attention to anything that seems off. If the keys respond in a different way, fail to respond or are spontaneously active even when they shouldn’t – prepare to buy a new keyboard.

green cell keyboard

How to choose a new keyboard for your laptop?

If it’s an ordinary wired USB keyboard, it’s not so bad. The prices of these accessories start with really  low figures, so you will easily find a replacement for your device. If it’s a gaming model, you will have to spend much more. These products can cost up to a few hundred PLN, which might be a strain.

If it’s an integrated laptop keyboard, you will have to replace it. It’s a bigger challenge than replacing a desktop keyboard, because with a laptop you usually need to have it serviced. If you need a new laptop keyboard, you can find  a replacement in our online store. It’s enough if you enter the model of your laptop in our browser, and the system will show you all the matching products. If you want to make sure the new keyboard will match your device, verify the layout of the keys, the latches and the flat ribbon cable.

Now you know how to handle a broken keyboard. If it does happen to you one day, we hope you’ll be able to save your device right away. But if not – explore our online store and find a perfect replacement!