We all do it. Moreover, we do it every day. Some people can’t even control themselves and do it several times a day. Yes… charging the phone. There are many harmful myths around this topic, which we will try to dispel here, also giving you some tips to enjoy a durable battery as long as possible.

Mistakes in charging new phones

Modern batteries have no memory effect

The first, and perhaps the most common, myth is that each new phone should be fully discharged and then charged to the maximum level. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. New batteries no longer have the so-called “memory effect” that was used in nickel-cadmium cells. These are nowhere to be found in modern smartphones.

Lithium-polymer batteries, which are the most popular at the moment, work best in a charge range of about 50-70% and as soon as you get your new phone, you can safely use it without any special preparation.

Avoid draining the battery to 0%

Another mistake is to regularly completely drain the battery. This type of cell loses its properties when completely drained and left without energy for a long time. Therefore, make sure to connect the phone to a charger before the battery level turns it off. However, if this happens, you should connect the phone to the charger as soon as possible. If you travel often and are not sure if you will have access to a power socket, you might considering buying  a power bank such as, for example, the GC PowerPlay10.

Charging the phone at night

Most of us are used to plugging in the phone before going to bed to charge it overnight. This is also a mistake. It leads to a situation in which the phone reaches its maximum charge level long before we wake up and constantly “recharges” the deficit of escaping electricity, which also has a negative impact on battery life. It is worth noting that some high-end phones, such as the iPhone 11, have battery management software which solves this problem. The app picks up your charging habits and stops charging at night and starts again just before you wake up.

Watch out for high temperatures

It is also useful to know that in order to provide your device with appropriate working conditions, one of the most important things is the right temperature. During warmer days, especially in summer, you should pay attention not to leave the phone in a place where it could get too hot. The battery loses its life much faster in high temperatures, and in extreme cases it may even be damaged. Fortunately, the manufacturers of many modern phones have taken measures to minimize the risk of overheating. In iPhones, you will see a message about the need to cool down before re-use, and in some Android-based devices you will see a notification about automatic deactivation of the Wi-Fi module and cellular data.

Extend the life of your phone

If you avoid the mistakes mentioned here, you can be sure that your battery will serve you for a long time. This will allow you to avoid needing to replace it. However, if you are forced to do so, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer of phone batteries to avoid having to buy a new smartphone. It is also worth noting that often a new battery can not only restore your phone’s life, but also increase its performance. A few years ago, Apple admitted that iPhone performance slows down if battery health drops below a certain level. In such a situation, a new battery will greatly speed up the phone.